The 18 Baseball Mom Gifts That Will Make Her Smile

The baseball season is coming, and you know it is time to start looking at gifts for mom.

Baseball moms are special. They show up at every game, cheer the loudest, and never quit supporting their little leaguers, no matter how long the season lasts or how many losses pile up early on.

You can show her how much you appreciate her with these 18 baseball mom gifts!

1. Skinny Tumbler

The Skinny Tumbler is an easy gift for a baseball mom to use when she needs to drink iced coffee or iced tea on the go.

The lid protects the ice from melting and keeps the beverage colder for longer periods of time, perfect for those early games when it's warm outside!

2. Kickstart Sneakers

These Kickstart Sneakers are perfect for the sporty woman who spends her weekends at the ball field cheering on her son or daughter!

These shoes can be worn out to the game or just around town. She will love the flexibility and comfort of these sneakers as she walks from car to stadium to concession stand all day long.

3. Baseball Heart Mom Shirt

This basic, half-sleeved Baseball Heart Mom Shirt features a baseball heart design on the front in white.

This comfortable, super soft tee has a feminine fit that pairs well with jeans, shorts or leggings. It comes in ten colors and is machine washable for easy care.The perfect gift for any mom who loves her kids no matter what they do!

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4. Black Rhinestone Sunglasses

These Black Sunglasses are perfect for any cool morning game or a relaxing evening at the field. The rhinestone accents add a bit of glam to these sporty sunnies.

They come with a zipper case and have grey gradient lenses.

5. Baseball Mom Flip Flops

Baseball moms deserve to be pampered too! If your mom is still on the sidelines at games, she deserves some relaxing Baseball Flip Flops to wear when she is watching from the stands.

The best part about these fun shoes is that they are versatile, she can wear them even when not at a game.

6. Baseball Umbrella

The Baseball Umbrella is a fun and functional accessory for the lady that loves baseball. There are many options, but I like this one because it has an automatic open/close function and it collapses down so you can store it in your car or your bag.

Plus, the wind will not catch on the metal shaft when it is not opened which would cause quite a mess.

7. Baseball Mom Gift Bracelet

The next time you are looking for a baseball mom gift, consider this Baseball Bracelet. It is the perfect accessory to add to her jewelry collection. Not only does it show her love of the game and its players, but it is also an excellent way to show that she is a special mom in your life.

8. Baseball White Canvas Handbag

If your mom is a serious baseball fan, you will want to get her the Baseball Bag so she can keep up with the team wherever she goes. The leather strap can be used as either a cross body or shoulder strap.

With side pockets and an exterior zip pocket, it is perfect for holding keys and a phone while still being able to access them quickly.

9. Baseball Mom Ponytail Cap

Great for baseball moms or for anyone who wants to show support for their favorite team. This adjustable Baseball Ponytail Cap keeps your mom cool and cute on game day.

The loop in the back of the cap is perfect for easily adding a ponytail through while still giving you enough coverage over your ears in case you want to wear a winter hat underneath.

10. Baseball Pop Socket

Your baseball mom could use a Pop Socket. Whether she is giving the occasional high-five or shooting a video of the game, it will keep her hands safe and look cool. This pop socket says "Baseball Mom," making it a perfect baseball mom gift!

11. Baseball Hair Ties


These Baseball Mom Hair Ties are the perfect gift for a baseball mom on the go. They can be put in your purse, clipped onto a backpack, used as an accessory to your favorite tee shirt, or tossed into your gym bag.

There is no need to worry about it getting lost because you can always wear one as a bracelet!

12. Team Mom Wine Glass

What better way to express your gratitude for her hard work than with glass showing her she is the team mom?

With this adorable Wine Glass, she will be able to take a sip and feel special. Whether you are looking for something sweet or want to thank your favorite baseball mom, again and again, these are perfect gifts!

13. Baseball Mom Clock

We know she needs to keep track of the time while coaching her kids, so get her one that looks just like the one on their locker, and it is made of wood!

This Baseball Mom Clock is a perfect gift for any baseball mom! She can hang it up in the office or on the wall in their house.

14. Heart Baseball Necklace

The Heart Baseball Necklace is one of our favorites because it is a subtle baseball mom gift that any MLB fan will love.

Imagine getting the necklace as a gift, then showing up to your first game of the season with that big smile on your face when you pull the necklace out of your bag.

15. Baseball Keychain

Baseball fans know that an effective concession stand is a key to a successful team. Well, who better to head up your team's concession stand than your mom?

This Baseball Keychain will remind her of her role as manager extraordinaire. She will love it.

16. Baseball Earrings

Baseball mom gifts are tricky because we cannot get anything in her favorite color. However, by finding a gift reminiscent of the sport she loves, you can give a special baseball mom gift that will make her smile.

My favorite? Baseball Earrings! These earrings are subtle and come in just about any color!

17. Baseball Rose


A gift for a mom who loves baseball? What better than a personalized Baseball Rose? This one-of-a-kind, handmade gift idea is easy to customize and affordable.

The size of the arrangement can also be customized. It would make an excellent Mother's Day or birthday present.

18. Baseball Travel Jewelry Organizer

This Baseball Jewelry Organizer is a necessity for any mom on the go. Made from upcycled left-over jersey, it is easy to carry and features four compartments, perfect for holding things like lip balm, phone chargers, or other knickknacks she may need.


It can be a challenge to find something for the special lady in your life who is also a mom, who is also a baseball mom.

The stress of not knowing what to get her is enough to drive you crazy! There are countless options available today.

With these 18 baseball mom gift ideas, you will find something she will love that is sure to make her smile.

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