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    Chris Bajda and his son Tobey Bajda share a special bond over their love of baseball. Chris grew up playing baseball and played through college at the University of Vermont.  Since Tobey was a little kid, Chris would take him to baseball games, and their shared passion for the sport only grew stronger as Tobey got older. They would often spend hours talking about their favorite teams, players, and all the swag and baseball drip Tobey started to love.  Their love for baseball became a way for them to bond and connect with each other.



    Whether it was cheering on their favorite teams or playing catch in the backyard, baseball was always at the center of their relationship.



    Today, as Tobey has grown into a young adult, he still looks back on those memories of going to baseball games with his dad with great fondness and appreciation. Tobey currently plays high school baseball at Masuk High School and loves competing in Perfect Game tournaments during the summer season with his travel program, the Clubhouse in Fairfield, Connecticut.



    Tobey and Chris have traveled the United States attending Perfect Game and Prep Baseball Report baseball tournaments. Having observed young athletes from diverse backgrounds and regions across the country.  They have learned what appeals to the younger generation of baseball players and are documenting their journey together on Batter Box Sports.

    Tobey's dream was to play Division 1 college baseball, he put in countless hours training to achive that goal and was able to get his fastball up all the way up to 93mph.  But he suffered a setback in his journey when he found out he had a torn UCL and required Tommy John surgery.  Tobey is currently recovering from Tommy John and working his way back to being back on to the pitching mound.  He is working hard to come back better then before.

    As fate would have it, on Tobey's way into the hospital to get Tommy John surgery he ran into Mariano Rivera.  

    Batter Box Sports is located in the quaint New England town of Monroe, Connecticut.  If you would like to visit us, be sure to stop by our offices at the address below:


    484 Pepper St
    Unit A
    Monroe, CT 06468

    Our standard business hours are 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST.  

    The Groovy Gifts and Batter Box Sports headquarters in Monroe, Connecticut.

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