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  • Fiery Baseball Drink Tumbler

    Truck Ships From Monroe, CT!

    Ignite your day with this great tumbler, custom-designed 32-ounce stainless steel tumbler, emblazoned with a blazing baseball to showcase your love for the game. Engineered with a double-wall insulated fortress, it’s your trusty guardian against lukewarm drinks, maintaining icy refreshment for 12 to 16 spirited hours.

    Its sleek screw-on lid outwits spills with a trusty flip-top seal, perfect for life's fast pitches. Standing a commanding 10 5/16" tall, this tumbler's stature is matched by its girth of 3 11/16" diameter, capped with a lid that says 'no entry' to BPA and toxins. Quench your thirst for adventure, health, and hydration with this non-toxic companion, ready to slide into your day's lineup.


    Personalize this stainless steel water bottle by adding a name in a bold font that stands out against the sleek metal finish. And the name will be laser-engraved or printed vertically for visibility and a touch of individuality, perfect for gym sessions or everyday use.


    🔩 Materials: Stainless Steel

    🥤 Capacity: 32 ounces

    ❄️ Insulation: Double-wall insulated stainless steel. Keeps drinks cold for 12 to 16 hours.

    🔒 Lid: Screw-on lid with a flip-top for an easy and leak-proof seal.

    📏 Size: 10 5/16" tall x 3 11/16" diameter with lid.

    🌱 Safety: BPA-Free & NON-TOXIC