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    Grand Slam Cooler

    How to Personalize

    This cooler can be embroidered with up to 2 initials and an optional number.  Enter your details into the personalization boxes that appears above the add to cart button.


    Initials: CB

    Number: 42


    • 10-Inches X 10-Inches X 7.5-Inches
    • 54-Inch Adjustable Shoulder Strap For Easy Hands Free Carrying Of The Insulated Cooler Bag
    • Open Top Pocket Located On The Front Of The Beach Cooler Bag - Great For Storing Your Keys And Phone
    • Soft Cooler Bag With A Top Handle For Easy Carrying
    • Zipper Closure
    • Sleek Faux Leather Accents
    • Attached bottle opener.


    Step up to the plate with the "Grand Slam Cooler" – your go-to personalized companion for baseball-inspired outdoor adventures and spirited gatherings. Meticulously crafted with high-quality materials, this cooler knocks it out of the park, keeping your beverages and snacks as cool as a crisp outfield catch, inning after inning.

    ⚾ Grand Slam Durability: Engineered to face the toughest challenges, the Grand Slam Cooler is built with the strength of a power hitter's swing. Its rugged exterior and robust construction make it a true heavy-hitter, ready to tackle anything from base-to-base excursions to beachfront home run celebrations.

    ❄️ Frozen Fastball Refreshment: Thanks to its cutting-edge insulation technology, the Grand Slam Cooler delivers a pitch-perfect performance, keeping your drinks ice-cold for the entire game. Whether you're into the craftiest brews or the crispest sodas, this cooler guarantees your beverages stay as refreshing as a seventh-inning stretch breeze.

    🎉 The Perfect Home-Run Companion: Searching for the ideal gift for the baseball-loving adventurer in your life? Look no further. The Grand Slam Cooler is the ultimate adventure teammate that's sure to hit a home run, whether it's for birthdays, camping trips, or simply celebrating the spirit of exploration.

    🌅 Conquer the Baseball Wilderness: Conquer nature's curveballs and stay refreshed with the Grand Slam Cooler. Adventure is calling, and it's cooler than ever before. Order yours today and step onto the field for your next thrilling expedition – because when it comes to coolers, this one is a true All-Star!