27 Baseball Elbow Guards to Add Swag To Your Game

If you're a hard nosed hitter, then you know how it feels to be hit on the elbow from an inside fastball.  Protecting your body is essential, but having some swag on the baseball field is just as important.


No one wants to risk missing time on the field with their friends or teammates, here are the top 27 baseball elbow guards to keep you in the game!


The Elite2 Batter's Guard is a breathable protective baseball elbow guard that protects those who play baseball.

You can customize it with many designs, making it perfect for any player looking to protect their arm without sacrificing style or comfort.

So, make sure you are ready for game day with the Elite2 Batter's Guard!


The X-SRZ Pride features multi-colored accents and a ton of venting options.

Not only does it keep you cool and dry, but it also gives you freedom of movement for those curveballs that pitch at a knuckleball speed.

The material is thick enough to provide coverage without being bulky or uncomfortable; you may forget you are wearing it after a few minutes!

3. Youth Elite 2 Batters Elbow Guard

I would suggest getting a Youth Elite Batting Elbow Guard, as they are specifically designed for younger players.

Since players will grow, you must get one that fits properly and doesn't pinch.

If your elbow guard pinches or causes discomfort while playing, it will only cause you more problems down the road. So, get this one, as it fits perfectly!


The Elite Speed Batting elbow guard is a waterproof, machine-washable SmartFlex pad that provides soft and breathable protection for you and your gear.

The DualX Cooling mesh fabric dries quickly when it gets wet, allowing you to stay cool during those hot summer days of baseball practice or in-game play.


Get optimal protection with Gel-to-Shell Technology! The custom-fit design conforms to your arm for a double layer of protection.

Not only will you be protected from elbow injuries, but it's also good for relieving elbow pain.

Try out PRO-SRZTM 2.0 double strap elbow guard, available on their website!

6. Evo Shield Pro-SRZ Batters Guard

The Evo Shield Pro-SRZ Batters Guard is a specialized equipment for baseball players suffering from elbow injuries.

Made with shock-absorbing foam and a high-strength polycarbonate shell, it is built for durability and excellent performance.

If you need something that can protect your elbow during all physical contact, look no further than the Evo Shield Pro-SRZ Batters Guard.


The X-SRZ Two-Tone Batters Double Strap Guard has a hook-and-loop closure for a secure fit, plus adjustable elastic for versatility and comfort.

The double strap is designed for comfort and stability, allowing you to stay in the game longer.

Available in Black/Yellow color options, it is perfect for baseball players of all ages and skill levels.


The Elite 2 Batting baseball elbow guard from G-form is super light and breathable.

The mesh backing is perforated for airflow, so you don't get all hot and sweaty during a long game.

It has excellent padding over the forearm and on top of your elbow so that you can knock them out of their seats!


The X-SRZ USA FLAG Batters Double Strap elbow guard is ideal for baseball and softball players looking for a lightweight and breathable addition.

The included dual straps allow you to slip on, adjust, and store your guards quickly and easily between innings so you can keep those elbows protected at all times.

10. Double Strap Elbow Guard

This Double Strap Elbow Guard product, which comes in both blue and white color options, is equipped with a double strap design for a comfortable and secure fit.

The straps are adjustable and can be attached anywhere on the guard for comfort and mobility.

These baseball elbow guards are also machine washable!

11. NURIBASE Baseball Batters Elbow Guard

The NURIBASE Baseball Elbow Guard is a great option for players of all skill levels. Made with neoprene, the batting guard is soft and flexible, which provides comfort and protection at all times.

Plus, the lightweight construction protects without limiting the range of motion or flexibility.

12. G-Form Baseball Pro Extended Elbow Guard

This is by far the most advanced baseball elbow guard on our list. It uses high-tech thermoplastic urethane, which can absorb a wide range of impacts and is four times as durable as hard plastics such as polycarbonate and ABS.

The G-Form Pad slides easily on and off your arm with no straps or buckles to fumble with.

13. HiRui Elbow Pads

It takes a lot of dedication and determination to play baseball, especially if you are just starting. So naturally, injury is always fear on everyone's mind.

And while we want to play as hard as we can, it does not mean we do not want them also to keep themselves safe from injury.

One product that protects both the player and their arm is this baseball elbow guard: HiRui Elbow Pads.

14. Marcol 2PCS Padded Elbow Sleeves

Lacking a viable alternative, these Marcol Elbow Sleeves are one of the better options out there. The pads on the inside are durable and can be slid up and down the sleeve as needed.

These baseball elbow guards sleeves are easy to adjust and stay firmly in place, meaning they will not slip down or off during play.

15. Compression Arm Sleeve Wrap

Arm sleeves are a type of compression that provides extra protection for your elbow joints.

These Compression Arm Sleeves Wrap around your elbows and provide support with padding for any pain or soreness associated with the olecranon joint.

These baseball elbow guards will keep you in the game when you need it most!

16. Elbow Pads Arm Brace

An effective way to protect your elbow is by using a baseball elbow guard.  These baseball Elbow Guards are specially designed for this purpose and provide an added layer of protection.

Remember, even if you do not feel like you need an elbow guard, they can make your game more enjoyable!

17. Sports Elbow Braces

When looking for a great elbow guard, look for one that provides a snug fit, has enough bulk to fully protect your ulnar nerve from top-to-bottom, and is easy to put on and take off.

This will help keep you feeling safe as you play your favorite sport. That is where Sports Elbow Braces come in!

18. Honeycomb Crashproof Arm Elbow Pads

One of the most crucial parts of your body to protect when you are playing baseball is your elbow. Proper gear will protect it and make you more comfortable while doing so.

This is one reason why Honeycomb Elbow Pads has created a line of arm guards made with tough, durable materials like neoprene and PVC that are also moisture-wicking, breathable, and machine washable.

19.  Elasticated Shield Protector

The Elasticated Shield Protector is a great choice for people who need an inexpensive but effective solution. Made with high-quality material, this elbow guard is comfortable, protective, and easy to clean.

These baseball elbow guards are specifically designed for pitchers and features the best fit that protects against excessive abrasion from fastballs.

20. SENTEQ Elbow Support

The SENTEQ Elbow Guard is a compression sleeve designed for most sports, including baseball.

It is seamless, hypoallergenic and even machine washable so you can wear it over and over again without having to worry about infections.

Plus, they have good reviews, shipping is fast, and the price is very affordable!

21. Bodyprox Elbow Protection Pads

Take your game to the next level by protecting yourself with the Bodyprox Elbow Protection Pads.

The padded foam material and strapping design of these guards will keep you in gameplay for years to come!

Let's just say, it is all about protection without restriction-just what a competitive player needs!

22. YIONEFLY Arm Sleeves

The Yionefly Arm Sleeves are one of the best ways to protect your joints from baseball injuries.

They are made of soft, breathable materials and offer great stretch ability and compression for a comfortable fit.

The arm sleeves have an outer compression for impact protection with reinforced patches on three vulnerable points on the inner elbow joint.

23. DR. FIT Elbow Brace Sleeves

What Are Dr. Fit Products? Dr. Fit products are world-class functional fitness training gear that helps you maintain peak physical performance and prevent injuries.

If you are an athlete, who wants a higher quality of life while still enjoying your hobbies, then these Dr. Fit Elbow Sleeves products will get you there faster.

24. Batter's Elbow Guard

Regardless of what position you play, your elbows take a beating. Batter's Elbow Guards are designed specifically for batters and are made of hard shell plastic that protects without restricting your ability to use your arm as much as a traditional brace.

25. Tru Pro Baseball Elbow Guard

This elbow guard is made with genuine leather and features a high-density foam inside that absorbs shocks. This can be used by men, women, and juniors.

It is also machine washable which is nice when you have got kids who get this stuff dirty regularly. The Tru Pro Baseball Elbow Guard for Baseball also comes with an adjustable strap for one size fits all use.

26. Rawlings Elbow Guard

With a top-of-the-line custom fit and premium protection for both the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) and radial head, Rawlings Baseball Elbow Guard is great for adults and kids.

Whether you are just starting or have been playing for years, this is an excellent option that will keep you on the field.

27. DonJoy Performance Bionic Elbow Brace

A breakthrough innovation from DonJoy Performance, this Bionic Elbow Brace provides you with maximum hinged support and is comfortable enough for all-day wear.

Wear it for baseball games or every day. The outer shell is made of a high impact, making it the perfect option for you!

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