31 Baseball Drip Accessories in 2024: Trendy Ways to Improve Your Swag

Baseball season is about to be in full swing, and you know what that means – it's time to cop some fresh gear! The first wave of official baseball swag has officially dropped, and trust us, you don't wanna miss out.

We've rounded up the top 31 must-haves of the season, from sick elbow guards to dope arm sleeves and everything in between. And since some of this stuff is straight-up limited edition, you best believe you gotta act fast if you wanna add it to your collection.

So get ready to flex on the field and beyond with the hottest baseball drip of the year. 

1. PREMIUM PRO Long Cuff Batting Gloves

When wearing these baseball drip gloves, your hands will stay dry and sweat-free, allowing you to catch pitches as they arrive.

Designed with an extended cuff, these baseball accessories cover part of your forearm while protecting only one hand at a time.

If you are looking for an affordable baseball drip option, look no further than these Premium Pro batting gloves.


If you are looking for a pair of baseball sunglasses that won't slip off your face during a crucial play, the UA Yard Dual Oakley Baseball Sunglasses are a great option.

The rubber grip on the frames will keep these Oakley baseball sunglasses in place, so you can focus on the game without worrying about adjusting them.

The auto-lock stop hinge is another helpful feature that ensures that the sunglasses stay open or closed when you want them to.

3. Strawberry Color Glove Drip

You will be able to find Luxury Sheep Wool Wrist Strap on many other sites, but never with quite as much quality as this Glove Drip.

The wrist straps are handmade from genuine sheep wool, which means you can rest assured knowing your purchase is artisanal and durable.

Every part of this baseball drip has been expertly crafted from top to bottom.

3. Evo Shield Sliding Mitt

Baseball Sliding Mitt Swag

Some batters wear sliding mitts, which they use to protect their hands while sliding into bases.

Many players choose Evo Shield baseball accessories when ordering these Sliding Mitts because it protects them from hard slides and is made of soft leather or synthetic, grain-free material.

It can take on just about any impact without suffering damage or tears.

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4. BRUCE BOLT Premium Arm Sleeve

If you want BRUCE BOLT compression arm sleeves, you want to stand out from all those other people wearing baggy T-shirts and shorts to play baseball on a hot summer day.

These baseball accessories offer a variety of designs and are made of premium moisture-wicking fabrics that make it easy to look good even when it feels like 100 degrees outside!

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It is no secret that baseball players are susceptible to dinger's elbow, and it is not always from facing a 95-mph heater.

With X-SRZ Batter’s Elbow Guard, you will be able to finish your at-bats knowing you are protected against a dinger's elbow.

Check out their page to learn more about their services and products!

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7. Psychedelic Smack Headband

drippy baseball headband

Looking to level up your game with a headband that's both stylish and comfy? Look no further than The Psychedelic Smack Baseball Headband.

With a rad print that pops and catches the eye, this headband is sure to turn heads on the field.

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8. Nike Alpha Huarache Elite 3

It is essential to be comfortable on and off the field to enjoy yourself fully.

I recommend Nike Alpha Huarache Elite 3 Baseball Cleats. When it comes to style and performance, these baseball accessories are a few steps ahead of other cleats out there on the market today.

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9. Prizm Jade Sutro Glasses

You already love Prizm's signature technology. Now you can add a little bit of glam to your look with these baseball accessories: Prizm Jade Glasses.

These retro frames look great on both men and women and are perfect for rocking at a baseball game!

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10. Nike Force Zoom Trout LTD Turf

Even baseball players love to take advantage of a perfectly sunny day with a bit of hard-hitting, ball-pounding action.

If you are going to do that, you need to show everyone what a ballplayer looks like.

To bring back that classic look of baseball in its prime, wear Nike Force Zoom Trout LTD Turf cleats on game day for a real baseball drip!

Upgrade your gear with one of these 17 baseball turfs

11. Customized 44 Baseball Glove  

Custom Baseball Glove

Wanna know what's seriously cool? Getting a customized 44 baseball glove that's tailor-made just for you. You get to choose the leather type, color, stitching, webbing, and pocket shape, all to match your unique style and preferences.

Yeah, you'll have to wait about a month to get it, but trust us, it's worth the wait. So why settle for an off-the-shelf glove when you can have a custom one that's totally dope and totally you?

12. Evo Shield Pro-SRZ 2.0 Batter's Leg Guard

Evo Shield's got the ultimate tool for preventing those gnarly baseball injuries on your foot.

The Pro-SRZ 2.0 Batter's Leg Guard is a game-changer when it comes to keeping you safe on the field. Don't wait until it's too late to protect yourself - grab one today and stay in the game!

13. New Era Yankees 5950 Fitted Hat

There is nothing like watching a baseball game on a hot summer day. But, when temperatures rise and sweat begins drip down your face, it can be hard to stay calm and collected.

However, wearing a stylish New Era Yankees Hat baseball cap will keep you feeling good even when it gets hot.

14. P-TEX Athletic Wrap

Listen up all you ballers out there! When it comes to performing at your best, maintaining your health is key. That's where the P-TEX Athletic Wrap comes in clutch. This dope wrap not only keeps the blood flowing and the inflamation down, and keep you healthy but most importantly looking good. 


15. Blenders Baseball Sunglasses

Blenders Swaggy Baseball Sunglasses

These jaw-dropping design that's sure to leave a lasting impression. These Blenders shades pack a serious punch with an intense electric green colorway that's impossible to ignore.

The metallic green satin finish adds an extra layer of cool to this already impressive frame. But don't be fooled by its eye-catching appearance - these shades are built for performance.

The full-coverage design and polarized lenses are perfect for baseball, ensuring you stay protected and focused no matter what.

16. Lizard Skins Dura Soft Bat Grip

Drippy Baseball Bat Wrap

A better grip will improve your swing and make you a better hitter, and it will also help you get more comfort from your bat.

Lizard Skins makes some of the best Bat Grips on today's market, which range in texture and thickness to match your playing style.

One of the best baseball accessories!

17. Swaggy EvoSheild Baseball Backpack

Drippy Baseball Backpack

If you're lookin' to haul your gear around in style, check out the EvoShield SRZ-1™ backpack. This pack is straight-up perfect for any baller who needs to keep their stuff organized and look fly while doing it.

Keep it all together and look slick while you're at it with the EvoShield SRZ-1™ backpack. Don't settle for anything less - grab yours today!

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18. NIKE Unisex Pro Elite Sleeve 2.0

Made for the runner looking to go long, Nike's Pro Elite Sleeve 2.0 has every feature a serious runner needs: reflective details, moisture-wicking fabric, targeted ventilation, an articulated sleeve, and an adjustable strap.

The best part about these baseball accessories? It will never bunch up or slip around your arm like some other running sleeves on the market.

19. Bruce Bolt Wristbands

Bruce Bolt Swaggy Yellow Wristbands

If you want to improve your drip check out these dope BRUCE BOLT Premium Pro Wrist Bands.

Made from ultra-soft, mega-absorbent terry cloth material, these babies will keep your sweat in check when you're out there grinding on the field. Not only do they stop sweat from running down your arms, but they are also perfect for mopping up that sweat on your forehead.

So don't let a little perspiration slow you down - rock these stylish BRUCE BOLT wrist bands and stay fresh while you dominate the game.

20. Vulcan Baseball Bat Grips

Drippy Baseball Bat Grips

Listen up ballers, when it comes to hitting dingers, your bat grip is clutch. That's why you need to get your hands on the sickest bat grips out there - they'll take your game to the next level.

Whether you're all about that comfy cozy feel or you just want to get a better grip on your lumber, these bad boys have got you covered.

So don't wait any longer - head to their page and get all the deets on these game-changing bat grips. Your swing will thank you.

21. Swaggy Gatorade Water Bottle

Drippy Baseball Water Bottle

Looking for a water bottle that's as cool as you are on the diamond? Look no further than the Gatorade Squeeze Bottle - the ultimate hydration companion for ballers like you. With its sleek design and legendary performance, this bottle is a must-have for any serious player.

The high-flow valve ensures you get your hydration fix quickly and easily, while the squeeze design lets you take a swig without missing a beat.

Plus, the iconic Gatorade logo is sure to turn heads and let everyone know you're a player who takes their game seriously.

22. Black Wilson Eye Stick


Keeping your eyes looking fresh on the field starts with good eye care. The Wilson Eye Sticks offer quick relief for dry, itchy eyes due to allergies or even lack of sleep! It comes in black.

The innovative design is easy to use by twisting off the cap and pressing the stick under your eyes for instant relief in seconds.

23. Drippy Baseball Helmet

Drippy Baseball Helmet

Want to show your patriotism and dominate at the plate like a boss? Check out the USA Matte Helmet with Universal Jaw Guard.

Not only does it rep the national colors with style, but it also provides extra coverage for your dome. The Universal Jaw Guard protects your beautiful face on the side of the helmet facing the pitcher, so you can focus on smashing those homers without worrying about getting beaned.

Plus, the jaw guard can be placed on either side of the helmet, giving you ultimate flexibility and choice at the plate.

24. Digi Digits Baseball Chain Necklace

Whether you are a die-hard baseball fan or a casual fan of your local team, wear this Jersey Number Pendant to show off your pride. A sterling silver pendant displays etched numerals. 

These baseball accessories are authenticated by Major League Baseball and comes individually numbered.

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25. Nike Compression Pants

Nike Compression Baseball Pants

If you're looking for an accessory that'll help you crush your workouts and stay looking fly while doing it, look no further than the Nike Pro Dri-FIT Compression pants.

These bad boys are made from lightweight fabric that hugs your bod, keeping you cool, dry, and supported from start to finish. The stretchy design lets you move with full intensity during your toughest workouts and games, so you can focus on your game and let your gear do the rest.

Don't settle for basic workout clothes - upgrade your drip game with these slick tights and bring your A-game to every play.


This Cherry Dipped Ice Cream baseball glove is straight fire! They only used the finest leather for this bad boy, and it is clear that they put mad effort into every stitch. 

\The handmade sheep wool wrist strap is some next-level luxury that adds a whole new level of comfort and style to this already dope glove.

So if you wanna up your game and look fly while doing it, this Cherry Dipped Ice Cream glove is the way to go, no doubt.

27. Drippy Batter's Leg Guard

Drippy Red Baseball Shin Guard

The Elite Batter’s Leg Guard is the ultimate shield for your legs, without cramping your style or slowing you down on the base paths.

The padding is super soft and ultra-flexible, sitting on top of a polypropylene backer to soak up any impact and spread it out, so you won't feel a thing when you take a hard foul to the shin, ankle or top of the foot.


Looking to score a one-of-a-kind baseball glove that'll have everyone doing a double-take? Then you gotta check out the Snow Cone Glove Rare Edition stop shop, my friend.

These blue beauties are the epitome of unique, with only a limited number ever made. Not only do they look fresh AF, but they're also crafted for top-notch comfort and performance, whether you're playing baseball or softball.

So why settle for a basic glove when you can rock this limited edition stunner on the field?

29. Drippy Baseball Tee Shirt

Drippy Baseball Tee Shirt

This swaggy tee shirt is the real MVP of style, where cool meets the diamond. Rocking a slick baseball player against a high-impact USA design, it's the ultimate fusion of sports swag and trendsetting vibes. It's not just a shirt, it's a statement – perfect for those who live and breathe the game with a side of undeniable drip.

30. JAX Baby Blue Batting Gloves

JAX Drippy Blue Batting Gloves

Looking for a fresh pair of batting gloves that'll have you feeling fly and hitting bombs like a pro? Check out the JAX Baby Blue batting gloves.

These bad boys are the perfect mix of style and function, with a sleek design that'll have all eyes on you at the plate. The baby blue colorway is crisp and clean, and the synthetic leather palm provides superior grip and durability, so you can swing with confidence.

Plus, the adjustable wrist strap ensures a snug, secure fit, so you can focus on your swing instead of your gear. 


For those who have trouble finding sunglasses that fit their low nose bridge, the Plazma Low Bridge Sunglasses Styles are a game-changer.

Not only do they have adjustable nose pads for a customized fit, but they also have ear socks that provide a no-slip grip. Baseball players won't have to worry about constantly readjusting these baseball sunglasses during a game or practice.


Cool Donut Sprinkles Sliding Mitt

The Donut Sprinkles Sliding Mitt stands out as one of the coolest baseball sliding mitts due to its innovative design and high-quality construction. With its donut sprinkles inspired design and exceptional craftsmanship, it adds a unique and stylish element to your baseball gear if your looking to get really flashy on the field. 

What Does It Mean To Drip in Baseball?

In baseball, the term "drip" refers to a player's style and fashion sense. It means to have a cool and unique look that stands out on the field, often including flashy or eye-catching accessories and clothing. So when someone says a player is "dripping" in baseball, they're talking about how fresh and fly they look out there.

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