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  • 35 Baseball Headbands to Keep Your Flow Looking Drippy

    by Chris Bajda May 01, 2024

    Baseball headbands are a great way to show team spirit and stay cool on the field this season.

    Not only will they keep your Mullet under control, but they will also give you a dope new Drippy Accessory to rock on the field.

    From classic cotton styles to modern designs, here are the top 35 baseball headbands to help you score a home run this season.

    1. USA Flag 2.0 Headband

    USA Flag 2.0 Headband

    Elevate your game while showcasing your patriotism with the USA Flag 2.0 Headband. This headband combines style and functionality with its vibrant American flag design, printed on both sides for double the impact. 

    Made from a blend of 73% Polyester and 27% Spandex, it guarantees quick-drying properties, ideal for keeping sweat at bay during intense physical activity. Its unisex design caters to both men and women, and the one size fits most dimension, approximately 18.5" around, ensures a snug, comfortable fit for various head sizes.

    2. GOAT Tie Headband

    GOAT Tie Headband

    The GOAT Tie Headband, in its pristine white color, is the epitome of customized comfort and functionality. Its innovative tie design allows you to adjust the headband to your perfect fit, ensuring that it comfortably accommodates all head sizes. This feature is especially appreciated in high-energy activities, where a secure fit is essential for keeping sweat at bay. 

    Crafted from a blend of 73% Polyester and 27% Spandex, the fabric's quick-drying properties keep you cool and focused, whether you're hitting home runs or catching fly balls.

    3. DOMINATE Headband

    DOMINATE Headband

    Assert your presence on the field with the DOMINATE Headband. Its tapered design, thicker in the front and slimmer at the back, promises not just an enhanced fit but also unmatched comfort during the most rigorous games. Like its counterparts, this headband is reversible, showcasing the same assertive design on both sides for consistent style. 

    The blend of 73% Polyester and 27% Spandex ensures the fabric remains quick-drying, a vital feature for maintaining focus and performance by effectively managing sweat. 

    4. Philippians 4:13 Cross Headband

    Philippians 4:13 Cross Headband

    For those who like to showcase their faith as they play, the Philippians 4:13 Cross Headband is an ideal choice. 

    This inspirational design, featuring the powerful scripture "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me," is printed on both sides for a consistent look regardless of how you wear it. The blend of 73% Polyester and 27% Spandex ensures that this headband not only keeps you dry by wicking away sweat quickly but also fits comfortably around most head sizes, measuring approximately 18.5" in circumference. 

    5. Nike Dri-FIT Reversible Headband

    The Nike Dri-FIT Reversible Headband is a lightweight, breathable headband that you can wear in two ways.

    Its design features Dri-FIT fabric on both sides. The terry cloth side wicks sweat from your brow, while the Dri-FIT side provides UV protection.

    The reversible baseball headband comes in three colors: red, black, and blue.

    6. Miami Headband

    Miami Headband

    The Miami Headband captures the vibrant essence of Miami with its eye-catching color design, perfect for players wanting to add a pop of color to their game. This headband is reversible, flaunting the same lively pattern on both sides. 

    Made from a blend of 73% Polyester and 27% Spandex, it is tailored for keeping sweat under control during the most intense innings, thanks to its quick-drying fabric. It's designed to ensure a snug fit for various head sizes, adhering to the one size fits most guideline.

    7. Cuba Flag Headband

    Cuba Flag Headband

    Celebrate your heritage or show your support for Cuba with the Cuba Flag Headband, a vibrant addition to any athlete's wardrobe. This headband, adorned with the iconic colors and design of the Cuban flag, is perfect for both practice and game day. 

    Its construction from a blend of 73% Polyester and 27% Spandex ensures it quickly wicks away moisture, keeping your vision clear and your focus sharp. 

    8. Psychedelic Smack Headband

    If you are looking for a stylish and comfortable headband to take your game to the next level, The Psychedelic Smack Baseball Headband is a great choice.

    This baseball headband features a unique print design with bright colors that will get you noticed on the field. It's constructed with a 4-way stretch material that moves with your body for maximum comfort and non-slip performance.

    9. Trust The Process Headband

    Trust The Process Headband

    The Trust The Process Headband is a testament to the journey of growth and improvement in sports and life. Its tapered design, thicker at the front for optimal coverage and slimmer at the back for a snug fit, ensures supreme comfort throughout your activities. 

    This headband is reversible, showcasing the motivational "Trust The Process" mantra on both sides, embodying perseverance. Made with a quick-drying blend of 73% Polyester and 27% Spandex, it excels at keeping sweat away, allowing you to focus on your performance. 

    10. Faith Cross White Headband

    Faith Cross White Headband

    The Faith Cross White Headband marries a clean aesthetic with spiritual inspiration, featuring a minimalistic cross design that's perfect for those looking to make a statement of faith on the field. Its reversible nature ensures the same elegant design is present no matter how you choose to wear it. 

    Engineered with a blend of high-quality materials, it promises to keep athletes dry and comfortable through any level of play. 

    11. Autism Awareness Headband

    Autism Awareness Headband

    The Autism Awareness Headband is designed with a meaningful puzzle pieces pattern, symbolizing the complexity and diversity of the autism spectrum. 

    This impactful design is printed on both sides, making it reversible for versatile styling options. Like its counterparts, it's crafted from a blend of 73% Polyester and 27% Spandex, offering the quick-drying benefits essential for any athlete. 

    12. Light Blue Tie Headband

    The Light Blue Tie Headband, with its serene color and adjustable design, caters to athletes who prioritize both function and a personalized fit. 

    This headband allows you to tie it as tightly or as loosely as you prefer, ensuring it stays in place during vigorous movements. Its width of 2.5" in the front, tapering along its 32.5" length, offers ample coverage for forehead and hair, effectively aiding in moisture management.

    13. BRUCE BOLT Performance Headband

    The BRUCE BOLT Performance Baseball Headband is a must-have for any baseball player.

    This baseball headband is made from a moisture-wicking, breathable, and lightweight material that will keep you cool and dry throughout the game.

    Plus, the favorite baseball team headband is made in the USA with all-American pride!

    14. Donuts Headband

    Who doesn't love donuts? And now you can show your love for these delicious treats with the Donuts Headband.

    This baseball headband is made from an antibacterial and quick-drying fabric blend of 73% polyester and 27% spandex, perfect for keeping you cool and dry during your baseball game.

    Plus, these baseball headbands are reversible, so you get double the fun with the same design on both sides.

    15. Nike Rainbow Logo Fury Headband

    Are you looking to add some extra style and flair to your game? The Nike Rainbow Logo Fury Baseball Headband will help you do just that.

    This baseball headband also features Dri-FIT technology to wick away moisture so that you can stay cool and dry during those intense games.

    Plus, the bright rainbow Nike logo adds a touch of sporty style to any outfit. 

    16. Tea Leaves Headband

    Are you looking for a headband that offers both style and performance? Look no further than The Tea Leaves Headband. This stylish headband is perfect for baseball players who want to look their best on the diamond.

    The Tea Leaves Baseball Headband is made with a lightweight and breathable fabric that offers protection from the sun's UV rays, with UPF 50+.

    These headbands for softball players have moisture-wicking technology, so you stay cool and dry even when playing in the heat.

    17. Pink BRUCE BOLT Performance Headband

    The Pink BRUCE BOLT Performance Headband is an excellent option for drippy baseball players looking for a stylish way to keep their hair out of their faces during games.

    These baseball headbands feature lightweight, moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch fabric that offers a comfortable fit with enough stretch to accommodate any hairstyle.

    The drippy baseball headband also has a stylish logo on the front that adds a bit of flair to your game-day look.

    18. London Fog Headband

    Stay cool, dry, and stylish on the diamond with this London Fog swag baseball Headband.

    Crafted with a lightweight fabric blend of 89% polyester/11% spandex, these baseball headbands will keep you comfortable for all nine innings.

    The one-size fits all design provides the perfect amount of support, no matter your size or shape.

    19. Bison Mountain Headband

    The Bison Mountain Headband is the perfect accessory for any drippy baseball player.

    These baseball headbands feature cover-stitched edges and a one size fits all design and is breathable and wicking. It means it will stay in place even during the most intense games.

    The fabric is lightweight and comfortable and won't irritate or chafe your skin.

    20. Jazzy Headband

    Are you looking for a way to stay cool and stylish while playing your favorite baseball game? Look no further than The Jazzy Headband.

    This stylish baseball headband is designed to keep you looking and feeling great while providing superior performance on the field.

    The Jazzy Swag Baseball Headband is breathable and lightweight, made with a 4-way stretch fabric blend of 89% polyester and 11% spandex.

    21. The Bell Headband

    Look no further than The Bell Headband for a stylish yet practical headband.

    This sleek design features breakthrough technology to keep you cool and comfortable during your baseball game.

    Crafted from breathable fabric and moisture-wicking materials, the headband will keep sweat away from your face and out of your eyes.

    22. Duo Dye Black Headband

    This versatile and stylish Duo Dye Black Headband is the perfect accessory for your baseball look.

    This baseball headband is designed with a 4-way stretch material, making it comfortable to wear throughout the game.

    It also features a non-slip design, keeping it in place even during the most intense games. Unisex and one size fit all, this headband is suitable for any player regardless of their head size.

    23. Nike Bandana Head Tie

    The Nike Bandana head tie is perfect for showing your favorite baseball team spirit.

    These baseball headbands have a unique bandana design that helps keep you cool and comfortable while you cheer on your favorite baseball team.

    The head tie is made with a cotton fabric and machine washable for easy care. Plus, get free return on your first order.

    24. Jordan Dri-FIT Jumpman Headband

    The Jordan Dri-FIT Jumpman Headband is an excellent investment for any avid baseball fan.

    These baseball headbands are made from stretchable cotton fabric and has the iconic Jumpman logo on the front.

    The inside of the baseball headband is lined with Dri-FIT material that will help keep you dry and cool.

    25. Thin Green Line Headband

    Thin Green Line Headband

    The Thin Green Line Headband stands out not only for its striking design but also for its functionality. Crafted from a blend of 73% Polyester and 27% Spandex, this headband offers quick-drying capabilities, ensuring that keeping sweat out of your eyes during an intense game or practice is effortless. 

    Its reversible feature means the same dynamic design graces both sides, giving you versatility in style. The one size fits most specifications, approximately 18.5" around, ensures a comfortable fit for a wide range of head sizes. 

    26. Nike Kids' Head Tie 2.0

    The Nike Kids' Head Tie 2.0 is a safe and secure option for kids on the field.

    This baseball headband is made with Dri-FIT fabric, which helps keep you cool and dry when you are in the heat of the game.

    Plus, it is designed with a patented slip-resistant grip that helps athletes maintain their focus while playing ball.

    27. Personalized Baseball Headband

    The best baseball headband for you will depend on what you are looking for.

    A basic cotton Personalized Headband is perfect if you are looking for something that will stay in place and not be too tight.

    You can personalize these baseball headbands with names or monograms!

    28. Custom Softball Headband for Kids

    The Custom Softball Headband for Kids is one of the best-selling headbands on Etsy, and it is no wonder why.

    These baseball headbands are made with a high-quality material that fits most sizes, including kids to wear in front of their favorite baseball team.

    The softball headband is also machine-washable and can be air-dried!

    29. JUNK Brands Big Bang Lite Headbands

    The JUNK Brands Big Bang Lite is a lightweight, stylish headband that will keep you cool this summer.

    With a wide variety of colors, there is sure to be one for everyone.

    Whether you are a diehard fan or enjoy the occasional game, these fun and colorful headbands are perfect for any occasion.

    30. Men Sports Headband

    Men Sports baseball headbands are a great way to stay calm when the weather heats up, and with so many colors, materials, and styles available, you are sure to find one that suits your needs.

    If you are looking for a softball headband that can be worn under your helmet or on its own, check out these lightweight and breathable headbands.

    31. Nike Reversible Home and Away Headband

    The Nike Reversible Home and Away.

    The softball headband is a reversible headband that can go from a home team color on one side to an away favorite baseball team color on the other. It has an elastic adjustment.

    The Nike logo is embroidered on the front of the headband to make you look cool in front of your favorite baseball team.

    32. JUNK Brands Baller Headband

    A must-have for any sports fan, the JUNK Brands Baller baseball headband is perfect for a day out on the field or any outdoor activity.

    The lightweight material will keep you cool in the heat and wick away moisture from your forehead.

    Plus, this baseball headband can be folded into a ball and stored in your pocket or bag, so it is easy to take with you wherever you go!

    33. Vinsguir Headbands for Men

    Vinsguir is a company that was created in response to the lack of stylish baseball headbands for men who love sports.

    Their sports headbands are made of high-quality, lightweight cotton and offer various colors and designs.

    The company is committed to offering its customers the best quality products at affordable prices for your favorite baseball team.

    34. Sleefs USA Headband for Men

    The Sleefs USA Baseball Headband for Men is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comfortable headband that will keep them cool in the hot weather.

    The material of this headband is made from spandex and polyester, so it can absorb sweat and has an antimicrobial treatment to help prevent odors from building up.

    With these features, you can stay calm and dry while playing for your favorite baseball team.

    35. Nike Swoosh DRI-Fit Printed Head Tie 2.0

    Nike's Swoosh DRI-Fit for your favorite baseball team is a classic baseball headband with a twist: it is made with their innovative Dri-Fit fabric, which helps wick away sweat and helps keep you dry and comfortable.

    Why do baseball players wear headbands

    When it comes to baseball players, headbands aren't just a fashion statement - they serve a few key purposes. For one, they're a practical way to keep sweat from getting in players' eyes during games or practices. No one wants sweat dripping into their peepers and messing with their game, so headbands are a convenient solution to this pesky problem.

    But headbands aren't just functional - they can also add some serious style points to a player's look. Plus, they can keep long hair out of players' faces, so they can focus on the game without distractions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: Why do girls wear headband?

    A1: Girls wear headbands for various reasons, including keeping hair out of their faces, adding style to their outfits, and absorbing sweat during physical activities.

    Q2: What do headbands do in sports?

    A2: In sports, headbands help keep hair out of athletes' faces, absorb sweat to prevent it from dripping into their eyes, and provide a comfortable fit for helmets or hats.

    Q3: What are different headbands called?

    A3: Different types of headbands include sweatbands (designed specifically for absorbing sweat during physical activities), fashion headbands (worn for style purposes), and athletic headbands (designed for sports performance).

    Q4: Are headbands OK to wear?

    A4: Yes, headbands are perfectly acceptable to wear. They serve practical purposes in sports and can also be worn as fashion accessories. Whether for function or style, headbands are a common and widely accepted accessory.

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