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  • 23 Blue Baseball Gloves to Improve Your Swag on the Field

    by Chris Bajda December 11, 2022

    Blue baseball gloves are the most popular and best-selling baseball gloves on the market today! With so many different styles and colors, deciding which glove to buy can be challenging.

    This article reviews 23 of the best Blue Baseball Gloves available and provides information about how each one differs from the others. 

    Finding a glove that fits your needs, style, and level of play is crucial and the right glove can make you a better player!

    1. Wilson A2000 Snake Skin Glove

    If you are looking for the perfect glove to help you win the game, look no further than these Wilson A2000 SnakeSkin Fastpitch blue baseball gloves.

    This baseball glove will surely give you an edge on the field with its specially designed spin control pocket and SnakeSkin leather material.

    With its exceptional features and craftsmanship, this baseball glove will help you take it to the next level.

    2. Custom A2000 Frosty DW5 Baseball Glove

    The Custom A2000 Frosty DW5 12 Baseball Glove is an excellent glove for any baseball player looking to take their game to the next level.

    With its dual-welting and wrist lining, this baseball glove provides optimal support and protection for your hands while playing.

    3. Rawlings Heart of the Hide

    Are you a Blue Jays fan looking for the perfect blue baseball glove to help you win the game? Look no further than these Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.5-inch blue baseball gloves.

    This Rawlings Heart baseball glove is designed for infielders and has a deep pocket to help you snag those tricky line drives and ground balls.

    4. Snow Cone Glove Rare Edition

    If you are looking for an eye-catching and unique baseball glove, then the Snow Cone Glove Rare Edition stop shop is one to consider.

    This baseball glove set of blue gloves is only available in limited quantities, with only 111 sets made. The baseball softball gloves are blue and white and designed with comfort and performance in mind.

    5. 2022 A450 Infield Baseball Glove

    The 2022 A450 10.75 Infield Baseball Glove is the perfect choice for any serious ballplayer.

    This baseball glove is made from blue leather and features a deep pocket design to give you more control when fielding.

    The back of these blue baseball gloves are lightweight, allowing for greater flexibility and comfort during play.

    6. Custom A2000 Hanley 1787 Baseball Glove

    The Rawlings Custom A2000 Hanley 1787 11.75 Baseball Glove is the perfect glove for any player looking to dominate the field.

    This Rawlings Heart baseball glove features Pro Web and Modified Trap Web designs, providing maximum flexibility and stability when fielding the ball.

    Get yours today and start making plays!

    7. 44 Pro Nasty Nestor Cortes All-Star Cuba Glove

    Regarding blue baseball gloves, one of the most unique and stylish options on the market today is the 44 Pro Nasty Nestor Cortes All-Star Game 2022 Limited Edition Cuba Baseball Glove.

    This eye-catching glove was designed by Cuban-born former MLB player Nestor Cortes and is perfect for any serious ballplayer.

    8. Rawlings Heart of the Hide R2G Glove

    These Rawlings Heart of the Hide R2G blue baseball gloves are made of full-grain leather, known for its excellent durability and long-lasting wear.

    The deep pocket design of this Rawlings Heart glove allows for better ball control when you're on the field.

    Whether you are an experienced player or just starting, this baseball glove will help you take your game to the next level.

    9. PRO 44 Gloves

    Are you a serious ballplayer looking for a blue baseball glove? Look no further than the PRO44 Youth Baseball Glove.

    This top-of-the-line baseball glove is perfect for any aspiring young ballplayer. Featuring a full-grain leather construction, it is lightweight and comfortable.

    Get ready to take your game to the next level with the PRO44 Youth Baseball Glove.

    10. Ice Cream Glove

    If you are looking for a baseball glove that is stylish and modern but also comfortable and durable, then the Ice Cream Glove is a perfect choice.

    This high-end blue baseball glove has been made from quality sheep wool and is designed with a luxurious wrist strap for added comfort.

    The stitching is tight, the leather is strong, and the feel of the baseball glove is just right.

    11. Franklin Sports Teeball Infinite

    With so many different blue softball gloves, the Franklin Sports Teeball Infinite web/shok-sorb combo series fielding baseball glove is an excellent choice for children.

    Its size makes it comfortable and easy to use with younger players and versatile enough to wear in any position on the field.

    12. Premium Rawlings

    Rawlings is considered one of the world's most prestigious manufacturers of blue baseball gloves.

    For example, Rawlings Heart has provided more Hall of Fame members with their baseball softball gloves than any other company.

    This Premium Rawlings is one of my favorites from their blue baseball gloves collection!

    13. ZYYRSS Sports Softball Glove

    The ZYYRSS Softball Glove is perfect for anyone who wants to be able to catch any ball or throw anything. The baseball softball gloves are available in all different sizes, so finding the right one for you will not be hard.

    ZYYRS blue softball gloves are an essential piece of equipment for any player who wants to enjoy their game without injury.

    14. WILSON A200 Youth

    Many players believe baseball is all about getting the most out of every practice. It can only be achieved if you have the proper equipment and use it to its full potential.

    One way you can use your equipment more efficiently is by utilizing an infielder's glove for outfielders and an outfielder's baseball glove for infielders.

    The Wilson A200 Youth throwing hand is one such baseball glove.

    15. Softball Mitts Throw

    When looking for the perfect mitts glove for baseball, there are two main things to keep in mind: fit and quality. That is where Softball Mitts Throw comes!

    These are the throwing hand well-fitting blue baseball gloves that will feel more comfortable while playing and the quality of it has never been compromised.

    16. WILSON 2022 A2000 Fastpitch

    If you are the type of player who likes to show off, this Wilson 2022 A2000 is for you.

    This baseball glove is made from premium leather and has more stitches than the other Wilsons on this list, which means your glove is sure to last for years of heavy use.

    In terms of comfort and appearance, customers have given these blue baseball gloves five stars.

    17. Rawlings ColorSync 6.0

    One of the best blue softball gloves I have ever used was the Rawlings ColorSync 6.0. It is because it has terrific padding, which helps you to have a quick reaction time.

    This Rawlings Heart baseball glove also had adjustable closure systems and liners, which are beneficial because they make it so that you can adjust your glove size and keep your hand clean while playing.

    18. Ortiz Graffiti Youth Baseball Glove

    If you are shopping for a youth baseball glove to help with your game, consider the Ortiz Graffiti Youth Baseball Glove.

    This throwing hand baseball glove is designed with the player in mind and has an array of features that work to maximize performance.

    19. Field Master Blue Glove

    Starting off at about $25, this Field Master Blue Glove is the perfect first-time blue baseball glove for those who are not sure if they are ready to invest in a more expensive model.

    This throwing hand baseball glove is also great for people who are new to the game because it is easy to break in and get used to.

    20. PHINIX 11" Youth Baseball Glove

    There are so many types of baseball softball gloves on the market that it is essential to find one that suits your needs.

    With this in mind, I have found the PHINIX 11 Youth Baseball Glove is perfect for most people. This throwing hand glove is lightweight and easy to use with light padding.

    21. Jalunth Junior Baseball Glove

    You are probably looking for some blue baseball gloves because your kid is starting to learn the game. To be a good supporter, you need more than just standard gloves for throwing hand; you need an excellent baseball glove!

    That is why I have put this Jalunth Junior Baseball Glove on the list so that you can have the perfect one for your kid.

    22. WEIYON Softball Glove

    Every blue baseball player needs the perfect baseball glove. The WEIYON Softball Glove is an excellent choice for players of all levels.

    Its sleek design and well-padded palms are comfortable and protective.

    For young players, it offers the best protection while still being flexible enough for beginners to use comfortably.

    23. Limited Edition Wrigley Blue Baseball Glove

    Blue Baseball Glove Wrigley

    The Limited Edition Wrigley Blue baseball glove is a must-have for any serious ballplayer. This high-quality glove is made from premium leather and features a sleek, blue design inspired by the iconic Wrigley Field. The glove's exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail make it a durable and reliable choice for players of all levels. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit and optimal performance, while the adjustable wrist strap allows for a customizable fit.

    What to Consider Before Buying a Blue Baseball Gloves

    1.      Size

    One of the first things to consider when buying a new glove is the size. Most professional players use an adult-sized baseball glove and are considered palm down, meaning their fingers extend past the last finger webbing on the side of the hand (in other words, this webbing would touch your wrist).

    A youth-sized glove is typically best for younger players and smaller hands, with youth sizes typically ending in 'S.'

    For example, an S7 model would be equivalent to an adult's XS/YS (that falls between small and youth).

    In general, most professional players use 10 or 11 gloves.

    2.      Quality

    Much like any sports equipment, there are many different levels of quality when it comes to blue baseball gloves. The difference in materials used in high-end gloves versus cheap gloves can be substantial, but even at the higher end, some better models can feel stiffer than others.

    However, if you go with a more expensive glove and notice stiffness after breaking it in for a while, do not worry! It is normal for them to feel stiffer at first as they need time to form around your hand.

    3.      Price

    Considering prices, deals and brands before buying is very essential. However, price should not be the only deciding factor when looking at which blue baseball glove to buy.

    Make sure you also consider factors such as how often you play or what position you play before choosing which one is right for you.

    4.      Position

    Different positions require different blue baseball gloves: Catchers typically wear more giant gloves with longer fingers.

    At the same time, infielders have shorter fingers, so they can react quickly while throwing hand to first base or fielding ground balls.

    5.      Durability

    A glove is an investment, and you want to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. When trying on a glove, please take note of its stiffness and thickness, feeling for areas that are too thick or thin.

    If you find yourself in either of these situations, try adjusting the tension knob in the back of the glove to tighten or loosen the webbing.


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