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  • The Ultimate Guide to 17 Cool Lanyards for Every Occasion

    by Tobey Bajda April 30, 2024

    Are you tired of plain and boring lanyards for your daily use? Look no further! We have curated the ultimate guide to 17 cool lanyards that are perfect for every occasion. From holding your work badge to keeping your keys organized, lanyards are a functional and stylish item to have in your collection. Our selection includes a variety of materials such as soft polyester, plastic, and even eco-friendly options. You will find cool lanyards in every color, from classic black and white to vibrant and fun shades, to match your personal style. With the addition of a cool lanyard, you can add a touch of personality to your daily routine and stay organized while doing it. 

    So why settle for a plain lanyard when you can find a happy medium between function and fashion with our product? Unfortunately, this selection is so popular that some items may currently be unavailable, but don't worry, we have plenty more cool lanyards to choose from. Keep reading to discover the perfect lanyard for you!

    1. GOAT Lanyard

    GOAT Lanyard

    Discover the GOAT Lanyard, the epitome of cool lanyards, merging unmatched style and practicality. Crafted from mushy polyester, this lanyard showcases a sleek black color that complements any outfit, making it perfect for every occasion. Its standout feature is a detachable buckle coupled with an upgraded clasp, ensuring your badge or keys are secure yet easily accessible. 

    Whether you aim to add a touch of cool to your daily ensemble or find a lanyard that goes beyond the ordinary, the GOAT Lanyard is the product you've been searching for. 

    2. Army Camo Lanyard

    For those who love to blend fashion with functionality, the Army Camo Lanyard stands out as one of the best lanyards available. Its unique camouflage pattern makes it a cool accessory for work, school, or any outdoor event, offering a stylish way to keep your keys or badge secure. Made from durable polyester, this cool lanyard is not only sturdy but also comfortable to wear throughout the day. 

    The inclusion of a detachable buckle and upgraded clasp ensures your items are easily accessible while staying firmly in place.

    3. Nobody Cares. Work Harder. Lanyard

    Nobody Cares. Work Harder. Lanyard

    Introducing the Nobody Cares. Work Harder. Lanyard, a product that seamlessly combines motivation with functionality. This cool lanyard, made from high-quality polyester, features a bold statement in black lettering that is sure to stand out in a crowd and inspire you throughout the day. 

    Ideal for securing your keys or ID, it's perfect for a range of activities from work and school to events and conferences. It comes equipped with a detachable buckle and an upgraded clasp to ensure your items remain safely in place yet are easy to access when needed.

    4. Traveler Lanyard

    Traveler Lanyard

    For the adventurers and fantasy lovers, the Traveler Lanyard is your passport to an imaginative journey. 

    This double-sided, cool lanyard is crafted from durable polyester and features an enchanting list of designs including swords, bows and arrows, rapiers, halberds, axes, staffs, maces, and even a violin, all spanning a length of 90cm with a practical hook clasp at the end.

    5. Inspirational Lanyard

    Inspirational Lanyard

    Elevate your daily motivation with the Inspirational Lanyard, a standout among cool lanyards that serves as a daily reminder to chase your dreams. This product is crafted from high-quality polyester, ensuring durability and comfort. Featuring inspiring quotes in vibrant colors, this lanyard allows you to display your ID or keys with a touch of positivity. 

    The inclusion of a detachable buckle and an upgraded clasp offers convenience and security, making it ideal for work, school, events, and everyday use.

    6. Old Glory Lanyard

    Old Glory Lanyard

    Celebrate your patriotism with the Old Glory Lanyard, a true testament to American spirit. This cool lanyard features the iconic stars and stripes, allowing you to add a touch of national pride to your daily attire. Made from durable polyester, it's designed to keep your keys or ID badge secure and easily accessible, perfect for any setting including work, school, or events. 

    The Old Glory Lanyard is equipped with a detachable buckle and an upgraded clasp, ensuring convenience and safety.

    7. Security Lanyard

    Security Lanyard

    Elevate your security game with the Security Lanyard, an essential addition to our list of cool lanyards. This product features a durable polyester strap, designed for both comfort and longevity. 

    Its breakaway clip offers a safe and quick release mechanism, ideal for fast-paced environments, while the sturdy metal clasp ensures your badge or plastic ID remains securely attached.

    8. God Is Greater Than The Highs and Lows Lanyard

    God Is Greater Than The Highs and Lows Lanyard

    Embrace your faith and style with the God Is Greater Than The Highs and Lows Lanyard. This remarkable item combines spiritual significance with everyday functionality, ensuring your badge or keys are secure and within reach. 

    Crafted from premium polyester, this cool lanyard features an inspiring design that adds a meaningful touch to your collection. Its versatile color scheme complements any outfit, making it great for work, school, or any event.

    9. Money Lanyard

    Money Lanyard

    Flash your style and financial flair with the Money Lanyard. This unique product boasts a design that mimics various currency bills, making it a cool addition to your accessory collection. Crafted from high-quality polyester, this lanyard ensures your IDs and keys are held securely, making it ideal for any setting - be it work, school, or casual events. 

    The vibrant color and engaging pattern add a fun touch, while the detachable buckle and upgraded clasp provide ease of use and extra security.

    10. Personalized Lanyards

    Personalized Lanyards

    Unlock a world of creativity with Personalized Lanyards, the ultimate choice for customers seeking to infuse individuality into their everyday essentials. These cool lanyards allow you to choose your preferred color and personalize it with your name, logo, or any unique design, making your badge stand out. 

    Made from soft, durable polyester, each product promises comfort and longevity. The inclusion of a sturdy clip ensures your keys or badge remain securely fastened, offering both style and practicality.

    11. Victory Lanyard

    Victory Lanyard

    Embrace triumph daily with the Victory Lanyard, designed for those who aim to showcase their achievements with pride. These cool lanyards, woven from durable polyester, features a dynamic color scheme that stands out in any setting - work, school, or events.

    Equipped with a detachable buckle and an upgraded clasp, this product ensures your keys or badge remain secure yet readily available for everyday use.

    12. Baseball Lace Lanyard

    Baseball Lace Lanyard

    Hit a home run with your daily accessories by choosing the Baseball Lace Lanyard. This product is a grand slam for sports enthusiasts, crafted from durable polyester to ensure longevity and comfort. 

    The design mimics the iconic red stitching of a baseball, adding a cool and thematic element to your outfit. Ideal for securing your badge or keys, these cool lanyards include a detachable buckle and an upgraded clasp for superior convenience and safety.

    13. Soccer Lanyard

    Soccer Lanyard

    Score a goal in form with the Soccer Lanyard, a must-have for football fans and enthusiasts alike. These cool lanyards are made from durable polyester, ensuring your badge or keys hang securely, whether you're at work, school, or attending a thrilling match. 

    Its design celebrates the beloved sport with vibrant colors and soccer-themed patterns, adding a dynamic and sporty touch to your collection.

    14. Bicycles Lanyard

    Bicycles Lanyard

    The Bicycles Lanyard is a standout product for cycling enthusiasts, blending both form and function in a good lanyard that's as practical as it is cool. These cool lanyards are made from high-quality polyester, this lanyard features a vibrant color scheme adorned with iconic bicycle designs, making it a perfect accessory to add to any outfit. 

    Ideal for holding your ID badge or even serving as a camera strap, this cool lanyard ensures your essentials are always within reach.

    15. QIAQIAYU Lanyards

    QIAQIAYU Lanyards

    Dive into the vibrant world of QIAQIAYU Lanyards, a brilliant choice for those who love to showcase their personality with colorful and expressive designs. Choose from a list featuring tiger, deer, zebra, cow, cheetah, pink leopard, sunflower, and smile flower patterns. 

    Each lanyard is crafted from sturdy, high-quality polyester, ensuring your badge or keys are securely held. These cool lanyards are not just practical; they are a statement of fashion and functionality, allowing you to hold your essentials in the most visually appealing way.

    16. Nike Lanyard

    Elevate your accessory game with the Nike Lanyard, a top-tier choice among cool lanyards. This product is a favorite for athletes and sports enthusiasts alike, made from high-quality polyester for durability and comfort. 

    The iconic Nike swoosh adds a sporty flair, ensuring you stand out. Perfect for securing your badge or keys, this lanyard combines fashion with functionality.

    17. Eyes Lanyard

    Eyes Lanyard

    Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing design of the Eyes Lanyard, a unique addition to our cool lanyards collection. This product, made from soft, durable polyester, captures attention with its eye-catching pattern. 

    Perfect for those who wish to make a bold statement, it offers a stylish solution for carrying your badge or keys. Customers appreciate the high-quality fabric that ensures longevity and comfort.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: Why are lanyards cool?

    A1: Lanyards are considered cool because they offer both functionality and style. They provide a convenient way to carry essentials like keys, ID badges, or small tools, while also serving as a fashion statement with customizable designs and colors.

    Q2: What is a lanyard used for?

    A2: Lanyards are commonly used to hold and display items such as ID badges, keys, access cards, whistles, and small tools. They offer a hands-free solution for keeping important items easily accessible while on the go.

    Q3: What is an alternative to a lanyard?

    A3: An alternative to lanyards for carrying items could be retractable badge reels or keychain clips. These options offer similar functionality in terms of keeping items close at hand but may have different attachment methods or styles.

    Q4: What is lanyards called?

    A4: Lanyards are also known as neck straps, ID holders, or badge lanyards, depending on their specific use or design. They're often referred to by the name of the item they are intended to hold, such as badge lanyards or key lanyards.


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