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  • 17 Must-Have Pitcher Baseball Gloves for the Season

    by Tobey Bajda May 18, 2024

    As the new season approaches, pitchers all around the country are gearing up for their time on the mound. And we all know that a good pitcher is nothing without a great glove. That's why we've compiled a list of the 17 must-have baseball gloves for the season. 

    From closed web designs for hiding your grip, to different sizes and webs to help you add some extra movement to your pitches, we've got you covered. Finding the perfect glove can be a daunting task, but fear not, as we are here to help. 

    So grab your cart and get ready to upgrade your game with these top-rated gloves. Let's dive in and explore the world of gloves that will take your pitching to the next level.

    1. Black Hunter Greene HG103 Signature Pro-Lux

    Black Hunter Greene HG103 Signature Pro-Lux

    Make way for the Black Hunter Greene HG103 Signature Pro-Lux. This 12.25" Pitcher's Model glove is made from Japanese PRO-LUX® Wagyu Leather, offering utmost durability. 

    The STIF-LYTE Finger Inserts ensure maximum structure retention while the 100% Engineered Wool provides extra padding in the heel and finger areas. The STEELO-FLEX Technology assures a custom fit for your hand.

    2. Rawlings Heart Of The Hide

    Rawlings Heart Of The Hide

    Rawlings Heart of the Hide, a 11.75-inch glove, is a must-add to your arsenal. Its size and unique design provide exceptional assistance to pitchers, helping to secure every ball with ease. 

    With the 'choose hand' feature, it ensures a personalized and perfect fit for every pitcher. Finding this glove might be your first step towards a successful pitching season.

    3. Exclusive Heart Of The Hide R2G 12

    Exclusive Heart Of The Hide R2G 12

    Stepping up to the mound is the Exclusive Heart of the Hide R2G 12. This 12-inch Trap-Eze Web glove is tailored to help pitchers catch every ball with precision. Its size and the right-hand orientation contribute to a snug fit. The closed web design aids in hiding your ball grip, keeping the batters guessing. 

    This glove is an ideal addition to your cart if you're looking for assistance in finding a glove that offers size, comfort, and functionality.

    4. 2023 Autism Speaks A2000

    2023 Autism Speaks A2000

    Make room in your cart for the 2023 Autism Speaks A2000, an ideal choice for pitchers. This glove features a 12-inch size and a closed 2-piece web, adding another level of deception to your pitches.

    It is designed to help pitchers hide their ball grip from batters, further enhancing their performance. The 'choose hand' feature ensures a personalized fit. This softball glove could be the perfect fit you're looking for to elevate your game this season.

    5. Rawlings 11.75'' HOH Limited Edition Series Glove

    Rawlings 11.75'' HOH Limited Edition Series Glove

    Here comes the Rawlings 11.75'' HOH Limited Edition Series Glove. This glove, crafted from top 5% Heart of the Hide® Cowhide Leather Shell, is designed to fit the right hand, modeled after pro-style patterns. Its thermoformed wrist lining and deer-tanned cowhide plus palm lining add comfort for pitchers. 

    This infield size glove with closed web keeps your grip hidden from batters. Perfect for softball, its features like the closed webs and size make it a must-add to your cart.

    6. Capitol M Type 45A2 12

    Capitol M Type 45A2 12

    For pitchers on the hunt for the perfect glove, add the Capitol M Type 45A2 12 to your cart. This glove, with its dual wide shape and medium depth, is constructed from premium Japanese-tanned USA Kip leather, balancing structure and lightweight feel. 

    Its 'choose hand' feature ensures a comfortable, secure fit. Plus, the closed web design helps hide your grip from observant batters, boosting your on-field advantage.

    7. Exclusive Heart Of The Hide R2G 11.75

    Exclusive Heart Of The Hide R2G 11.75

    Meet the Exclusive Heart Of The Hide R2G 11.75. This 11.75-inch glove is a gem for pitchers, designed specifically for the right hand. Its closed web design ensures a hidden ball grip, keeping batters on their toes. 

    Constructed with Heart of the Hide leather, this glove offers durability and high performance, worthy of adding to your cart.

    8. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Skyline 11.75

    Rawlings Heart of the Hide Skyline 11.75

    Pitchers, add the Rawlings Heart of the Hide Skyline 11.75 to your cart. With a glove length of 11.75 inches and a 205 pattern, this glove provides the deepest pocket with standard palm width. 

    The laced two-piece solid web adds to the closed web design, ideal for keeping your pitch grip concealed. Tailored for softball, this hide leather glove guarantees durability and comfort.

    9. Rawlings Sandlot 11.75

    Rawlings Sandlot 11.75

    Pitchers, get ready to add the Rawlings Sandlot 11.75 to your collection. This glove is perfect for softball with its 11.75-inch size and a closed web design, effectively concealing your ball grip. 

    With a break-in rating of 80% factory and 20% player, this glove promises a quick and easy break-in period. And thanks to the 'choose hand' feature, you'll get a customized, secure fit. Don't miss out on this excellent addition to your pitching arsenal.

    10. 1975 Fayetteville A2000 Series Glove 2024

    1975 Fayetteville A2000 Series Glove 2024

    Welcome the 1975 Fayetteville A2000 Series Glove 2024. Crafted from Pro Stock® Select American Steerhide Leather, this glove is a dream for pitchers. Its right-hand orientation and Pro Stock® 1975 Infielder Pattern make it perfect for softball. 

    Plus, the Dual Welting™ adds durability and structure, ensuring this glove stands up to the test of time. Its closed web design subtly conceals your grip from the batter.

    11. Shadow 11

    Shadow 11

    Introducing the Shadow 11, an exceptional 12-inch glove for pitchers. This glove features a one-of-a-kind closed web with Carolina Blue inlays, a stunning design that also aids in concealing your grip from the batter. 

    Perfect for softball, its size and unique web design make it a significant addition to your gear. Plus, the 'choose hand' feature ensures a personalized, snug fit.

    12. Wilson A1000 1912 12

    Wilson A1000 1912 12

    Add the Wilson A1000 1912 12 to your pitching repertoire. Crafted from full-grain Optima leather, this glove molds to your hand and is ready for action from the get-go. Its double palm construction adds an extra layer of leather between palm and shell, providing maximum pocket stability. 

    The 'choose hand' feature ensures a custom fit, while the closed web design conceals your ball grip from batters. An excellent choice for pitchers, this glove adds to the allure of the webs, making it a worthy addition to your cart.

    13. Oxbow M Type 44A6 11.75

    Oxbow M Type 44A6 11.75

    Add the Oxbow M Type 44A6 11.75 to your must-haves this season. This dual wide glove features a medium depth, crafted from full-grain cowhide leather shell, ensuring durability and high performance. 

    The supple leather palm lining offers added cushioning for comfort. Meanwhile, the smooth microfiber wrist lining is enhanced with high-density memory foam for a secure and comfortable fit. The 'choose hand' feature ensures a customized grip.

    14. 2024 A2K B23 12

    2024 A2K B23 12

    Next up is the 2024 A2K B23 12, another high performer in the world of pitcher baseball gloves. This glove features the SWORDSMAN WEB, a closed web design, perfect for pitchers who want to hide their ball grip from keen batters. 

    Like the Heart of the Hide, this glove too offers a 'choose hand' feature for optimal fit.

    15. Rawlings HOH Mark of a Pro 11

    Rawlings HOH Mark of a Pro 11

    Next up, the Rawlings HOH Mark of a Pro 11. This Youth Baseball Glove, designed for right-handed pitchers, features a white-blue colorway that will surely make a statement on the field. The YPT Pattern offers a standard depth pocket along with an extra-snug fitting for maximum ball security. 

    The conventional open back provides flexibility, while the index finger pad on the shell backing ensures protection and comfort. Crafted from top-tier hide, this glove promises both durability and superior performance. Don't forget to add this to your shopping list, pitchers!

    16. Pitcher's Leather baseball Glove

    Pitcher's Leather baseball Glove

    Adding to the list is the 12-inch Pitcher's Leather baseball Glove. With the 'choose hand' feature, you can personalize it to your preferred throw side. 

    It's made from premium Japanese tanned leather and laced with professional lace from Tennessee Tanning, ensuring longevity and performance. Notably, this glove is available in a classic tan leather color, suiting every style.

    17. Miken Pro Series 13.5

    Miken Pro Series 13.5

    Don't miss the chance to add the Miken Pro Series 13.5 to your collection. This glove stands out with a 13.50 Inch Pattern, providing extra reach for snagging those hard-to-reach balls. Additional Finger Pad Support and an Adjustable Non-Slip Pull Back Strip ensure optimal comfort and grip. 

    The stunning White Scarlett colorway adds a unique touch to your gear. Plus, with the 'choose hand' feature, you get a custom fit.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: What is a pitcher's glove?

    A1: A pitcher's glove, also known as a baseball glove or mitt, is a specialized piece of equipment designed for pitchers in baseball. It is typically larger and deeper than gloves used by other players and is crafted to assist pitchers in fielding and controlling the ball during play.

    Q2: Why do pitchers cover their mouths with their gloves?

    A2: Pitchers often cover their mouths with their gloves when discussing strategy on the mound to prevent lip-reading by opposing players, coaches, or lip-reading technology. This practice helps maintain the secrecy of the team's communication and prevents the opposing team from gaining insights into the pitcher's tactics or game plan.

    Q3: What color gloves can pitchers not use?

    A3: Pitchers are generally not allowed to use white-colored gloves during games as the color may potentially distract or deceive hitters. Baseball regulations stipulate that the pitcher's glove should be a dark color, typically black, brown, or another color that doesn't compromise the visibility of the ball.

    Q4: Can a pitcher wear a white glove?

    A4: In most cases, pitchers are not permitted to wear a white glove during a game. This restriction is in place to avoid any potential confusion or advantage that may arise from the stark color contrast between the glove and the baseball, which could impact the batter's ability to track the ball's trajectory.


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