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  • Top 18 Molded Baseball Cleats of the Season

    by Tobey Bajda January 12, 2024

    Molded baseball cleats are a crucial component for any baseball player, offering enhanced traction and stability on the field.

    Designed to handle a variety of surfaces, these cleats feature durable, molded rubber or plastic studs, firmly attached to the sole. Unlike metal cleats, they are often considered safer and more versatile, suitable for younger players and various leagues where metal spikes are prohibited.

    Molded cleats are known for their comfort, support, and the ability to improve movement efficiency, making them a popular choice among players at all levels of the sport.

    1. Jordan 1 Retro MCS Low

    Jordan 1 Retro MCS Low

    The Jordan 1 Retro MCS Low is a popular choice among baseball players for its combination of comfort and performance. The synthetic leather upper offers durable support, ensuring long-lasting wear for leagues and games alike. 

    With a foam midsole, players can expect lightweight cushioning as they move around the ground, making it a worthy addition to any cleat collection. The cleated TPU plate is both lightweight and durable, providing essential traction even on dry fields. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, it's easy to find the perfect fit.

    2. Icon 8 TPU Summer Bash Cleats

    Icon 8 TPU Summer Bash Cleats

    Take your game to the next level with the Icon 8 TPU Summer Bash Cleats. This popular choice for players across various leagues offers unparalleled protection and durable performance. 

    Designed for comfort during practice and game play, these baseball cleats feature a unique Cloud White / Gold Metallic / Off White color scheme that's sure to make you stand out on the field. The TPU outsole provides essential traction, helping players maximize their performance. Choose your size and add these comfortable and stylish cleats to your collection.

    3. Men's UA Harper 8 Elite TPU Baseball Cleats

    Men's UA Harper 8 Elite TPU Baseball Cleats

    The Men's UA Harper 8 Elite TPU Baseball Cleats, an ideal item to elevate your game, are a popular choice in various leagues. With its elevated woven upper, these baseball shoes provide lasting durability, especially in high-wear areas, ensuring full-season wear. 

    Their ultra-comfortable tongue and mesh bootie construction ensure easier entry while playing. The design and color variety makes it easy to find the perfect addition to your cleat collection. Not only do they offer exceptional functionality, but their traction capabilities also maximize player performance on the ground.

    4. Mizuno Men's Ambition 3 Mid TPU Baseball Cleats

    Mizuno Men's Ambition 3 Mid TPU Baseball Cleats

    The Mizuno Men's Ambition 3 Mid TPU Baseball Cleats, worn by players across different leagues, offer enhanced stability and flexibility thanks to the innovative C-Flex Outsole technology. Its translucent I-shaped TPU studs result in increased traction on multiple surfaces. These cleats not only provide enduring comfort with reduced stud pressure but also bring a sport-changing edge to your performance. 

    Choose your size and add these revolutionary molded cleats to your collection of baseball shoes or turf shoes. With these items, you're ready to bring your A-sport every time you walk onto the field.

    5. Jordan 1 Retro MCS

    Jordan 1 Retro MCS

    The Jordan 1 Retro MCS, a popular pick among baseball turf shoes, boasts a synthetic leather upper, providing durable comfort and support during gameplay. It ensures speed and break stability, warding off foot fatigue thanks to its foam midsole that offers lightweight cushioning. The cleated TPU plate creates durable traction, making these baseball shoes lighter and capable of enduring rigorous play.

     An Air Jordan Wings logo adds a basketball charm to the diamond. Choose your preferred color and size to find your perfect fit. With these items in your collection, every game becomes a walk in the park.

    6. New Balance FreezeLX v4

    Boost your game with the FreezeLX v4, New Balance's lightest lacrosse cleat yet. Perfect for agile play, the cleat's QUIX outsole allows quick cuts across the baseball surface. With a low-cut design and synthetic mesh upper, it provides a combination of stability and comfort that umpires and players alike can benefit from. 

    This durable cleat has been refined to maximize the benefits of every play, enabling you to take your performance to new heights. Select your preferred color and size, and let the FreezeLX v4 redefine your playing experience.

    7. Men's UA Harper 8 Elite TPU USA Baseball Cleats

    Men's UA Harper 8 Elite TPU USA Baseball Cleats

    Featuring elevated durability in high-wear areas, the Men's UA Harper 8 Elite TPU USA Baseball Cleats are designed for full-season wear. The elevated woven upper adds a modern touch to your game, while the ultra-comfortable tongue and mesh bootie construction make getting into your cleats a breeze. 

    These baseball shoes, lighter in design, improve agility and performance on the field. The EVA cushioned heel provides unmatched comfort for players and umpires alike. Available in a variety of sizes, these low-cut cleats offer the perfect combination of style and performance. Add these items to your collection and level up your game.

    8. Mizuno Men's Wave LightRevo RM Baseball Cleats

    Mizuno Men's Wave LightRevo RM Baseball Cleats

    Experience the fusion of performance and comfort with the Mizuno Men's Wave LightRevo RM Baseball Cleats. Their MIZUNO WAVE® plate disperses energy from impact, offering superior cushioning for the feet. The TPU Wave Plate provides exceptional traction, making these low-cut baseball shoes perfect for multi-sport use and a must-have in every player's collection. 

    Worn by players across different leagues and the go-to turf shoes for many an umpire, their appeal lies in the durability they offer. Pick your color and size to ensure the perfect fit, and transform your game-time experience.

    9. New Balance Men's Fuel Cell Baseball Cleats

    Experience the innovation of New Balance with the Men's Fuel Cell Baseball Cleats. The Fit Weave upper offers a smart design, providing durability and stretch exactly where players need it. Its full-length FuelCell midsole delivers unmatched propulsion and energy return, allowing you to refine your performance on the field. 

    The low-cut TPU-cleated design ensures a lightweight and fast feel, enhancing your level of play across various leagues. Synthetic mesh adds breathability, while lace closure offers a secure fit. Choose your color and size to add these sport-changing, interchangeable molded cleats to your baseball gear collection.

    10. NIKE Men's Force Trout 9 Pro Molded Baseball Cleats

    NIKE Men's Force Trout 9 Pro Molded Baseball Cleats

    Elevate your performance with the NIKE Men's Force Trout 9 Pro Molded Baseball Cleats. The durable mesh upper is easy to clean, while the revamped midsole ensures comfort beyond previous versions. The midfoot strap has been eliminated, resulting in a lighter, more efficient cleat. 

    The overlay at the toe adds durability for hitting and pitching. The low-top design pays homage to Trout's rookie cleat preferences. Pick your preferred color and size, and let these molded cleats provide the results you're aiming for on the baseball field.

    11. Under Armour Men's Harper 7 Mid Rubber Molded Baseball Cleat

    Under Armour Men's Harper 7 Mid Rubber Molded Baseball Cleat

    Designed with a performance focus, the Under Armour Men's Harper 7 Mid Rubber Molded Baseball Cleat offers players unmatched stability and support. The rubber sole ensures excellent grip on the field while the fabric construction contributes to the overall durability. These baseball cleats are crafted to deliver on performance and comfort during high-intensity games. Their molded cleats provide superior grip, allowing players to make swift, effective movements with ease. 

    Available in various sizes and colors, these cleats offer the flexibility to suit personal preferences. Add these essential cleats to your collection and enhance your baseball performance.

    12. Adidas Men's Icon 7 MD Baseball Shoe

    Adidas Men's Icon 7 Md Baseball Shoe

    Stride confidently onto the field with the Adidas Men's Icon 7 MD Baseball Shoe. These lightweight cleats, constructed from 100% textile synthetics, promise lasting durability and a snug fit. 

    Designed with a keen emphasis on grip, they allow players to make powerful plays and quick pivots with ease. Pick from various colors and sizes to best complement your style and preference.

    13. Mizuno Wave Lightrevo TPU Molded Cleats

    Mizuno Wave Lightrevo TPU Molded Cleats

    Step into the diamond with the new Mizuno Wave LightRevo TPU Molded Cleats. Ideal for players of all ages, they offer EVA midsole comfort and the durability to withstand any sport. Thanks to the incorporation of Mizuno Wave® technology, these cleats reduce pressure, providing added comfort and stability for your dynamic athletic movements. 

    Available in various sizes, these cleats allow players to refine their performance, irrespective of the field type.

    14. New Balance Lindv2 Molded Cleats

    New Balance Lindv2 Molded Cleats

    Capture the spirit of the sport with the New Balance Lindv2 Molded Cleats, the signature series of shortstop Francisco Lindor. Not only do these baseball cleats offer superior comfort and traction for all field types, but they also make a stylish statement. 

    Their unique design and varied sizes make them perfect for youth players eager to elevate their sport.

    15. UA Leadoff Mid RM

    Leadoff Mid RM

    Step into the field with confidence in the Leadoff Mid RM. These baseball cleats, perfect for youth players, feature a lightweight synthetic upper with perforations for enhanced breathability. The durable overlay on the toe cap provides added protection while the padded collar and heel offer step-in comfort.

    With rubber molded cleats, you'll experience optimal grip on all field surfaces. Select your preferred size and color to refine your baseball gear collection and play with unmatched comfort.

    16. Mizuno Dominant 4 TPU Molded Cleats

    Mizuno Dominant 4 TPU Molded Cleats

    Unleash your youth-like agility with the Mizuno Dominant 4 TPU Molded Cleats. Experience unmatched comfort with the 3-layer no sew upper and full-length EVA midsole. 

    The translucent I-shaped TPU studs on the Mizuno C-Flex outsole ensure excellent grip, making these the perfect interchangeable baseball cleats for any sport situation.

    17. UA Yard TPU Mid

    Yard TPU Mid

    Unleash your inner athlete with the Yard TPU Mid, the perfect choice for youth players seeking to refine their baseball performance. Its lightweight synthetic upper and soft collar construction ensures ultimate comfort while offering impressive durability. The plush sockliner and full-length EVA midsole provide a cushy, dispersed cleat pressure feel. 

    The addition of TPU cleats under the heel and forefoot enhances lightweight grip, suitable for all field types. Pick your preferred color and size, and pace up your sport with these versatile cleats.

    18. UA Harper 7 Low Elite TPU Men's Cleats

    Harper 7 Low Elite TPU Men's Cleats

    Get ready to dominate the baseball field with the Harper 7 Low Elite TPU Men's Cleats. These cleats provide breathability and durability, thanks to the mesh upper and leather forefoot. They feature a molded Ortholite sockliner and UA HOVR cushioning for unmatched comfort and energy return. 

    Their internal lateral TPU lacing system ensures a secure fit, while the EVA foam adds essential support. The dual-density TPU outsole with ten spikes and additional TPU nubs offer unparalleled traction, ideal for youth players. Pick your color and size and experience superior comfort and performance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: Are molded cleats good for baseball?

    A1: Molded cleats are suitable for baseball, particularly on grass or turf surfaces. They provide good traction and are preferred for their versatility, offering stability and performance across various field conditions.

    Q2: Do MLB players wear molded cleats?

    A2: MLB players typically wear metal cleats rather than molded cleats. Metal cleats offer superior traction, especially on natural grass, and are favored by professional baseball players for their ability to dig into the dirt and provide optimal grip.

    Q3: What does molded mean for cleats?

    A3: In the context of cleats, "molded" refers to the construction of the sole. Molded cleats have studs or protrusions that are part of the shoe's sole, typically made of rubber or hard plastic. They are permanently attached and cannot be replaced, making them durable and well-suited for various playing surfaces.

    Q4: What are baseball cleats called?

    A4: Baseball cleats are commonly referred to simply as "cleats." They come in two main types: molded cleats and metal cleats. Molded cleats have studs integrated into the sole, while metal cleats have removable metal spikes for enhanced traction, particularly on natural grass. The choice between molded and metal cleats depends on player preference, position, and playing surface.


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    Master every play with our Baseball Turf Shoes, offering comfort and grip for optimal performance on synthetic surfaces.

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