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  • 15 Drippy Baseball Players That Bring Style and Swag to the Game

    by Chris Bajda February 18, 2023

    Are you looking for the most drippy baseball players in the MLB? Well, look no further!

    These ballers don't just bring it on the field with their skills – they also know how to rock some serious style. From flashy headbands to sleek arm sleeves, they're not afraid to show off their swag both on and off the diamond.

    So buckle up and get ready for a rundown of the most delicious Drippy Baseball Players in the league. We guarantee their baseball drip is the swaggiest in the league.

    The 15 Top Drippy Baseball Players in the Major Leagues!

    1. Javier Baez

    Javier Baez has been making waves in the MLB since his debut in 2014.

    His electrifying bat flips and slick fielding have made him a fan favorite everywhere he goes, earning him the nickname "El Mago" or The Magician.

    But it is not just his play on the field that makes him unique, but also his style. From the colorful arm sleeves and swaggy elbow guards and spiked hair to his intense emotion, Baez oozes drip.

    He is always ready to turn heads with his fashion and on-field antics, and he is never afraid to express himself.

    Javier Baez is dripping with swagger with each bat swing, every glove flip, and dugout celebration.

    2. Jazz Chisholm Jr.

    Jazz Chisholm is a shortstop with the Miami Marlins, and he sure knows how to drip!

    His flashy play on the field has earned him a reputation as one of the most stylish players in Major League Baseball, and he is well known for his drippy baseball gloves.

    His signature look features an array of colorful accessories, including vibrant headbands, chains, and even sequin-studded wristbands.

    Off the field, he is often seen wearing bright colors, loud patterns, and daring combinations that would make any fashionista jealous.

    Jazz's style is so on-point that you cannot help but feel thirsty when you see him. He may not have the best batting average, but he knows how to rock an outfit.

    Max out your drip with a W arm sleeve

    3. Ronald Acuna Jr.

    There is no denying that Ronald Acuna Jr. is one of the drippiest players in the Major Leagues.  From his custom batting gloves to his bright elbow guards, Acuna has been one of the drippiest players since the first day he made the majors.

    His powerful bat and electric speed make him a joy to watch. The young outfielder can hit for power, average, and spray the ball all over the field.

    He has made multiple All-Star teams, won a Silver Slugger Award, and even the NL Rookie of the Year award.

    His exciting play and fiery attitude make him a must-watch. If you want to see what a real drip looks like, watch this guy when he takes the baseball field!

    4. Fernando Tatis Jr.

    Fernando Tatis Jr. is undoubtedly one of the drippiest players in the MLB world series right now.

    He has become a star in the San Diego Padres organization, and with his talent and swagger, he is making quite an impact in the MLB history.

    Not only is he an exceptional hitter, but he also brings a lot of flair and excitement to the game with his athleticism and energy.

    His bat flips and passion for the game make him one of the most entertaining players to watch, and of course, his style has become a signature look.

    From his flashy cleats to iconic headbands, Tatis Jr. knows how to bring the drip.

    5. Bobby Witt Jr.

    The Kansas City Royals have found a gem in Bobby Witt Jr. He is known for his excellent fielding and great hitting, but one thing that stands out even more is his drippy style of play.

    Bobby Witt Jr. is always looking for ways to be creative, whether with his batting stance or moving around in the outfield.

    Witt Jr. takes his game to the next level with his signature style, and you cannot help but be mesmerized by it.

    His drippy approach to the game makes him a joy to watch, and his presence on the field demands attention.

    Bobby Witt Jr. is your man if you want someone to make your eyes water.

    6. Bo Bichette

    Bo Bichette has been making waves in the MLB since his debut in 2019. The son of former All-Star Dante Bichette, Bo has been living up to the family name.

    Known for his drippy batting style, Bo has been a hitting machine for the Toronto Blue Jays. He is a four-tool player with top-notch power, speed, defense, and contact.

    His natural abilities have been displayed during the 2020 season, where he hit .301 with 11 home runs and 19 stolen bases.

    Bo's power and speed make him one of the most exciting MLB players. His flashy, drippy style of play will make any fan thirst for more.

    7. Mookie Betts

    Mookie Betts is one of the MLB's most impressive and drippy baseball players.

    He made an All-Star appearance six times, won a Gold Glove Award in 2022, and has been one of the most consistent hitters in the league since his debut in 2014.

    In addition to his incredible hitting ability, he is also known for his smooth defensive plays in the right field. His effortless diving catches and quick throwing arm make him a fan favorite wherever he goes.

    Betts' classic style and elegance on the diamond make him one of the most drippy players in the MLB history.

    With his smooth movements, graceful swings, and timely hitting, Betts is an absolute treat.

    8. Francisco Lindor

    Francisco Lindor is the epitome of a drippy baseball player.

    The Puerto Rican professional shortstop is known for his silky-smooth fielding and his ability to make tough plays look easy.

    His batting style also looks effortless, as if he could hit a ball out of the park at any moment. His bright smile has earned him the nickname "Mr. Smile," and it is easy to see why.

    His relaxed, calm demeanor and effortless swing make him one of the most drip baseball players in the MLB history.

    9. Dansby Swanson

    Dansby Swanson is a shortstop for the Chicago Cubs who has quickly made a name for himself in the MLB world series.

    He is a force to be reckoned with on the diamond, and he certainly isn't shy about showing it. On top of that, his style of play is nothing short of dripping.

    With a batting average of .271 and an OBP of .335, Swanson's knack for getting on base is always noticeable.

    His defensive skills are just as impressive. He can range to make difficult plays look easy, and his arm is one of the strongest at the shortstop position.

    When it comes to making exciting plays, Dansby Swanson is one of the drippiest players in the league.

    10. Juan Soto

    Juan Soto is one of the drippiest baseball players in the MLB world series. The outfielder for the San Diego Padres is known for his swag and signature batting style.

    His signature moves in the batter's box include his signature walk and wagging bat, all while he is usually wearing a cool pair of long baseball socks.

    Soto's drippy swag, combined with his immense talent and skill, make him an undeniable force to be reckoned with on the diamond.

    Whether he is hitting a home run or stealing a base, Soto is constantly dripping with style.

    He also got an impressive repertoire of post-homerun bat flips and celebrations that make him one of the most exciting players in the league.

    It is no surprise that fans love Soto and flock to see him play, and he delivers when it comes to his drip.

    11. Luis Robert Jr.

    The newest addition to the Chicago White Sox and one of the most exciting young players in the league, Luis Robert Jr. is undoubtedly making waves with his talent.

    His unique combination of power, speed, and agility makes him an incredibly formidable opponent on the field.

    His ability to hit hard-hit fly balls, line drives, and base hits make him an even more significant threat, as he is always a triple away from taking an extra base or sending a ball deep into the outfield.

    Robert Jr. has been known to bring great energy and enthusiasm to the game, which can be seen in his bat flips and celebration after big plays.

    He is undoubtedly one of the drippiest players in baseball, as he is sure to draw some attention with his style both on and off the field.

    12. Tim Anderson

    Tim Anderson is the American League batting champion and shortstop for the Chicago White Sox. He has been a significant part of the team's success since joining the team in 2016.

    This best baseball player is known for his ability to hit for power and average and his speed on the base paths.

    Anderson has become a fashion icon off the field, earning the nickname "Drippy Timmy." His signature style features colorful pieces with bold prints and accessories, making him stand out among his peers.

    Anderson's clothing choices have made him a fan favorite, with many people copying his look. His style is so popular that he released his clothing line in 2019.

    13. Jonathan Villar

    What makes Jonathan Villar so drippy? Well, he has been putting together some eye-catching numbers at the plate.

    But that is not all; Villar has also proven himself to be a defensive dynamo. He has made some great plays while turning double plays or making diving catches, and his broad range of the field is simply remarkable.

    So, it is no surprise that Jonathan Villar is one of the drippiest players in Major League Baseball.

    He may not have as much fame as some of the other stars in the game, but he is certainly making a name for himself with his excellent performance, both offensively and defensively.

    Whether he is stealing bases or making highlight reel plays, there is no denying that Jonathan Villar is one of the top players in baseball right now and deserves recognition for his skills on the diamond.

    14. Bryce Harper

    Bryce Harper is one of the most recognizable and celebrated baseball players today in the MLB history.

    He first appeared in the league with the Washington Nationals in 2012 and became one of the most impactful players in their organization.

    Despite being a part of the Washington Nationals for seven years, he once announced he was signing a contract with the New York Yankees.

    Harper is renowned for his drip, highlighted by many fashion choices, including custom-made cleats and hats with embroidered logos.

    15. Alex Verdugo

    Alex Verdugo is a player who oozes style and swagger from his days with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Now, he is a member of the Boston Red Sox, and he is bringing his drippy style to the East Coast.

    Verdugo has always had an eye for fashion and a flair for the dramatic. He can be seen flashy sporting sunglasses and a colorful wardrobe as he steps up to the plate.

    With his move to the Boston Red Sox, Verdugo will have the chance to show off his skills against the New York Yankees.

    He is the only player that brings some flashy style and swagger to Fenway Park and adds a little extra heat to the rivalry between the Red Sox and New York Yankees.


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