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  • 31+ Top Baseball Sliding Mitts in 2024: Trendy Ways to Improve Your Drip

    by Chris Bajda March 06, 2024

    If you're looking to upgrade your baseball gear, you can't forget about the sliding mitt. But with so many options out there, how do you know which one to choose?

    Don't worry, we've got you covered. In this blog post, we're breaking down the top baseball sliding mitts available – from classic designs to colorful and stylish options that will take our baseball drip to another level. 

    So throw on your arm sleeve, strap on your elbow guard, and get ready to slide into home plate like a pro. It's time to discover the best baseball sliding mitts out there – and take your game to the next level.

    1. EvoShield Sliding Mitt

    The EvoShield is a lightweight sliding mitt that has been specifically designed for baseball.

    They make them from a high-tech fabric that protects your hands and provides enough padding for you to slide safely.

    This material also allows the EvoShield Sliding Mitt to dry quickly, so you don't have to worry about getting wet and heavy when playing in the rain.

    2. Strawberry Ice Cream Sliding Mitt

    Drippy PInk Baseball Sliding Mitt

    The ultimate Sliding for both style and function on the field. This Sliding Mitt's durable construction will keep up with even the most aggressive ballers, while the cool pink color is sure to turn heads and make you stand out on the field.

    3. Guardian Sliding Mitt

    The Guardian sliding mitt is a glove with an elastic strap attached to the back. It is designed for fast and agile players who tend to pull off the ball or miss it when they slide.

    The elastic compression strap helps keep the hand attached so you can get a better grip on the ball for those steals of home.

    4. Donut Sprinkles Sliding Mitt

    Cool Donut Sprinkles Sliding Mitt

    The Donut Sprinkles Sliding Mitt stands out as one of the coolest baseball sliding mitts due to its innovative design and high-quality construction.

    With its donut sprinkles inspired design and exceptional craftsmanship, it adds a unique and stylish element to your baseball gear if your looking to get really flashy on the field. 

    5. Marucci Adult Sliding Mitt

    Marucci Adult Sliding Mitt

    The Marucci Adult Sliding Mitt stands out with its innovative 3-in-1 design, which includes double-sided thumb holes for versatility, allowing it to accommodate every finger. This sliding mitt is enhanced with internal full-coverage protective plates, ensuring both sides of the hand and all fingers are safeguarded against impact. 

    Crafted with a compression-fit neoprene design, it guarantees not just protection but also a snug and comfortable fit. The elastic hook-and-loop wrist strap, complemented by a convenient pull tab, ensures easy one-handed removal, making it a perfect choice for players who prioritize both safety and efficiency on the field. 

    Specifically designed to cater to the left hand, this sliding mitt integrates elastic compression straps and protective plates to offer unparalleled hand protection during slides.

    6. Rainbow Sherbert Sliding Mitt

    Rainbow Sherbert sliding Mitt

    The Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream Sliding Mitt isn't just a protective gear; it's a statement on the field, combining vibrant colors with unparalleled safety.

    Designed for the daring base-runner, it features a high-quality, durable build that shields your hand and wrist from injuries while sliding into bases. Its eye-catching rainbow sherbet design sets you apart, ensuring you slide in style and stand out in every game.

    7. Franklin Sliding Mitts

    Franklin Sliding MItt

    You're looking at the Franklin Sliding Mitt, and let me tell you, it's the real deal for sliding into those epic plays. This thing's got it all: serious durability, solid protection, and a snug fit that won't slow you down.

    It's a go-to choice for ballers who want to slide in style and stay in the game, no questions asked.

    8. Iced Animal Cookie Sliding Mitt

    Iced Animal Cookie Sliding Mitt

    The Iced Animal Cookie Sliding Mitt takes whimsy and function to a new level, designed for universal wear on both the left hand and right. This sliding mitt sets itself apart with playful, nostalgic designs reminiscent of childhood snacks, making it a fun addition to any player's gear. 

    Beyond its unique appearance, the mitt is built for performance, featuring durable materials that provide robust protection during slides.

    9. Tucci Sliding Mitt

    The Tucci sliding mitt is designed with a large palm for added protection.

    The Tucci offers a patent pending design that maximizes the glove's surface area for better ball retention. It also has an adjustable velcro strap, which allows you to customize the fit.

    Moreover, this baseball sliding mitt is made from high-quality materials that are both durable and moisture-resistant.

    10. 3RunLead Sliding Mitt

    This baseball sliding mitt is excellent for the little league baseball players looking to steal bases.

    It has a unique camo print and comes in various colors for both boys and girls. The 3RunLead Sliding Mitt is designed for adults to get the best protection from it. Kids will also love the fun design!

    This protective gear also comes with an adjustable wrist strap to securely fasten your sliding mitt on your hand while you're running towards home plate or base.

    11. Mint Sliding Mitt

    Minty Drippy Sliding Mitt

    The Minty Sliding Mitt by Flatbill Baseball is a must-have for baseball enthusiasts seeking both style and functionality. This slick mitt doesn't just bring style to the diamond with its vibrant green mint hue and sleek design—it's also built tough for the ultimate performance.

    Whether you're perfecting your slides or making big plays in the field, this mitt's got your back in style and substance.

    12. Jordan Fly Sliding Mitt

    Jordan Fly Sliding Mitt

    The Jordan Fly Sliding Mitt elevates the game with its ambidextrous design, allowing players to wear it on either the left hand or right, catering to all. Featuring Nike's renowned Dri-Fit technology, it keeps hands cool and dry under pressure. Its innovative design includes removable wrist stays, offering customizable support for aggressive base running. 

    This sliding mitt not only provides excellent protection but also adapts to players' individual needs, making it a versatile addition to any athlete’s gear.

    13. Sosation Softball Mitt

    The Sosation Softball Mitt is an excellent option for the player that wants a slimmer glove. This mitt is made of Neoprene material, and the front of the sliding glove is longer than the back.

    It makes it easier for baseball and softball players to hold onto the ball when sliding into home or touching second base on a steal.

    14. Bruce Bolt Sliding Mitt

    Bruce Bolt Sliding Mitt

    The Bruce Bolt Sliding Mitt redefines protection with its proprietary non-slip palm and semi-flexible TPU protective plates, ensuring peak performance during the game's critical moments. This neoprene mitt is enhanced with Cabretta leather and Kevlar-reinforced pads for unmatched durability. 

    Designed to withstand the rigors of the game, it features double-reinforced stitching in all wear areas and a 3" elastic band that provides extra wrist support, making it an essential piece of equipment for serious players.

    15. ARiA Black and Pink Sliding Mitt

    Black and Pink Sliding Mitt

    This Sleek and Stylish Mitt is perfect for any player who wants to make a statement on the field.

    The black design is both classic and modern, while the pink accents add a pop of color that will turn heads and make you stand out from the crowd.

    16. Aceletiqs Sliding Mitt

    The Aceletiqs sliding mitt is a one-size-fits-most product designed for kids.

    It features an adjustable wrist strap and wrist guard, a polyester lining, and a fully padded palm with Velcro closure that provides ultimate protection.

    This is the best sliding mitt on my list, as it will keep your players hands in place while they slide into the base.

    They are available in youth sizes, as well!

    17. Orbis Sliding Mitt

    The Orbis Sliding Mitt is designed to be easy to wear and off, so you can use it while sliding into a base.

    The ergonomic design of the mitt also allows you to grip the ball and use your throwing hand without having to take your glove off, which is perfect for players who are constantly stealing bases.

    18. Goat'd Baseball and Softball Sliding Mitt

    Goat'd Baseball and Softball Sliding Mitt

    The Goat'd Baseball and Softball Sliding Mitt distinguishes itself with its standout branding and unparalleled functionality, aimed at players aged 10 and above. Tailored for those who demand both style and substance, this sliding mitt showcases a robust design for the left hand, ensuring maximum protection and durability. 

    Featuring advanced materials that offer exceptional comfort and breathability, this mitt not only defends against scrapes and bruises but also keeps players cool under the sun.

    19. Flatbill Hot Pink Sliding Mitt

    hot pink sliding mitt

    Dive into the game with the Hot Pink Sliding Mitt by Flatbill Baseball. Its refreshing aqua color and cutting-edge design make it a standout choice for baseball players looking to make a statement.

    Crafted for durability and precision, this mitt ensures you glide through drills and plays with confidence and style.

    20. Tru Pro Sliding Mitt

    The Tru Pro Sliding Mitt is an affordable, versatile option perfect for players of all ages.

    This baseball sliding mitt has a long safety velcro, which makes it easier to slide on the ground or at different angles.

    The Tru Pro sliding mitt has a wide opening, so you can quickly put it on and take it off.

    21. NPRO Sliding Mitt

    This sliding mitt is a perfect gift for baseball lovers who cannot wait to return to that field.

    The NPRO Mitt is reversible, keeping it safe and protected as he does a headfirst slide into the base.

    This protective equipment has adjustable velcro straps inside to ensure proper fit and security.

    22. Flatbill Sliding Mitt

    Flatbill Sliding Mitt

    The Flatbill Sliding Mitt is a game-changer for players looking to make a statement on the field. This ambidextrous design fits both the left hand and right, making it a versatile piece of equipment for every player. It stands out with its sleek black color and an eye-catching design featuring two bats crossed, symbolizing a player's readiness and strength. 

    Not only does this sliding mitt protect the hands during those critical slides into base, but it also adds an element of style to the player's gear.

    23. Emoji Sliding Mitt

    smiling emoji sliding mitt

    Score big with the Emoji Sliding Mitt from Flatbill Baseball. This unique mitt adds a flavorful twist to your baseball gear collection with its emoji  inspired design.

    Beyond the sweet appearance, it's engineered for durability and top-notch performance during sliding drills and gameplay, making it the ultimate choice for players who crave both style and substance.

    24. FizMu Baseball Sliding Mitt

    For your baseball lover who wants to keep hitting well into retirement, gift him a baseball sliding mitt that slides on and off the hand.

    FizMu Baseball Sliding Mitt allows them to headfirst slide the base without any injury.

    Only $25.99 on Amazon. It is the perfect gift for baseball lovers

    25. EvoShield Sliding Mitt

    EvoShield Sliding Mitt

    The EvoShield Sliding Mitt is crafted for the athlete who demands both protection and flexibility. Made from a combination of durable polyester and stretchable neoprene, this sliding mitt is designed for adult players in baseball and softball. Its unique construction offers a tailored fit that molds to the left hand, ensuring optimal coverage and mobility. 

    Available in various designs, it meets the aesthetic and functional needs of modern athletes.

    26. Benik Custom Sliding Mitts

    Benik Custom Sliding Mitt

    The Benik Baseball Sliding Mitts are the real deal when it comes to keeping baseball players at the top of their game.  With top-notch materials and killer padding, they've got your hands and forearms covered, so you can slide into those plays without a worry.

    And you know they're legit when MLB stars like Javier Báez, Trea Turner, and Francisco Lindor have rocked 'em, proving they're the ultimate choice for players who demand serious protection and style on the field.

    27. Ice Cream Sliding Mitt

    Ice Cream Sliding Mitt

    The Ice Cream Sliding Mitt, designed by Absolutely Ridiculous, brings a sweet twist to the game. Unlike traditional sliding mitts, this one boasts a unique feature: it’s crafted without thumb holes, focusing on a streamlined design that caters specifically to the left hand. 

    This innovative approach ensures a snug fit, reducing the risk of injury while sliding. The eye-catching, vibrant designs not only protect players but also add a pop of color to their game day attire.

    28. Pumpkin Sliding Mitt

    Pumpkin Sliding MItt

    Heat up your game with the Pumpkin Sliding Mitt. Its vibrant orange color and sleek design make it a bold statement piece for baseball players who love to stand out.

    Crafted for durability and precision, this mitt ensures you glide through drills and plays with confidence and a splash of style.

    29. Guardian Baseball Sliding Mitt

    Guardian Baseball Sliding Mitt

    The Guardian Baseball Sliding Mitt, especially in its BLAKE LUNDY Paint Splatter edition, redefines style on the diamond. Available in an array of sizes and the most vivid colors, this sliding mitt not only protects but also makes a statement. 

    Designed specifically for the left hand, it features robust construction to shield against injuries during aggressive slides. Its unique paint splatter design stands out, ensuring that players can display their flair while safeguarding their most valuable assets.

    30. Nike Adult Diamond

    Created for pitchers and outfielders, these Nike Mitts are top-of-the-line, and though they are usually used for baseball games, the right-hand mitts work just as well for softball players.

    With breathable wrist compression straps, you can protect your hand from blisters and ensure comfort.

    31. Patriot Sliding Mitt

    Patriot Sliding Mitt

    The Patriot Sliding Mitt ignites a sense of national pride with its vibrant, cartoon-inspired designs of American icons, making it an ambidextrous wonder for both the left hand and right. Crafted from a blend of elastic, poly, and stretch materials, it promises not just flexibility but also enduring comfort and protection. 

    This sliding mitt goes beyond the ordinary, offering players the chance to showcase their patriotic spirit while ensuring their hands are safeguarded during those nail-biting slides.


    The Prosway sliding mitt is designed to be used in whichever hand and has a leather grip.

    This baseball sliding mitt also features a leather grip, but it is made from durable synthetic leather to help give you an extra edge against any base stealers.

    Why do baseball players wear sliding mitts

    Ever wonder what those funky-looking mitts are for on a baseball player's hand? Well, they're called sliding mitts and they're the real MVPs when it comes to protecting your hand from nasty bruises and scrapes.

    See, when you slide into a base, your hand takes a beating from the hard ground or even the base itself. But with a sliding mitt, you get extra cushioning to soften the blow and keep your hand safe.

    Plus, the mitt helps you maintain a killer grip on the base so you don't miss it like a rookie. Whether you're playing ball in the big leagues or just having fun in a local league, sliding mitts are a must-have for any serious baller.

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