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  • 25 Funny Baseball Shirt Designs That Steal the Show

    by Chris Bajda February 11, 2024

    Do you love baseball and enjoy a good laugh? Show off your sense of humor with one of these 25 funny baseball shirts!

    We've scoured the internet for the top funniest baseball shirts. These shirts have received glowing reviews and earned five stars, making them a must-have for any baseball fan with a sense of humor.

    From witty puns to clever sayings, these humorous shirts are perfect for any sports fan who loves having fun. So, check out this list of 25 funny baseball shirts and get ready to laugh out loud!

    25 Funny Baseball Shirts for True Fans!

    1. Hit Hard Run Fast Turn Left Baseball Shirt

    One of the most iconic phrases in baseball is “Hit Hard, Run Fast, Turn Left.” It is a phrase that speaks to the fundamentals of the game and the simplicity of its rules.

    And now, you can show your love for baseball and this classic phrase with this funny baseball shirt.

    These funny t-shirts are simple yet eye-catching and perfect for any baseball fan who appreciates the game’s basic rules.

    2. There's No Crying In Baseball Shirt

    One of the most iconic lines from the movie "A League of Their Own" is "There's No Crying in Baseball." This funny baseball shirt pays homage to that famous line, making it an excellent choice for true baseball fans.

    Not only is this funny shirt clever and humorous, but it is also a great reminder to stay tough and not let emotions get in the way.

    3. Dabbing Baseball Player Pitcher Shirt

    One of the more recent trends to hit the world of baseball shirts is the infamous "dabbing" pose.

    The dab is a dance move that involves dropping your head while raising your arms in a specific fashion. It is become a cultural phenomenon, and now it is making its way onto the field.

    The Dabbing Baseball Player Pitcher shirt is a hilarious take on this trend. Featuring an image of a pitcher doing the dab, this shirt will surely be a hit with fans of the dance craze.

    4. Raised In A Cage Shirt

    Raised In A Cage Shirt

    The "Raised in a Cage" Shirts are another crowd favorite. They feature a unique player man design that can be customized according to your preference. 

    With the option to choose your color and size, these shirts are available in solid colors made of 100% Cotton, Heather Grey made up of 90% Cotton and 10% Polyester.

    5. HomeRun T-shirt

    HomeRun T-shirt

    The HomeRun T-shirt is another must-have for baseball t shirt enthusiasts. It is a classic fit shirt with a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem that enhances its durability and appearance. You can customize this lightweight t-shirt by selecting your preferred color and size. 

    With a cool graphic of a baseball in motion and the phrase "HomeRun", this shirt is bound to turn heads at the next game.

    6. Protect Your Nuts Squirrel Baseball Shirt

    If you are a baseball catcher, you know the importance of protecting your precious family jewels. And if you're also a fan of cute animals, this next funny baseball shirt is perfect for you.

    These "Protect Your Nuts" funny t-shirts feature a hilarious illustration of a squirrel holding a nut instead of a baseball in catcher's gear.

    The pun is perfect for any catcher, and the cute squirrel adds a touch of humor to your game-day outfit.

    7. Eat Sleep Baseball Repeat Shirt

    Eat Sleep Baseball Repeat Shirt

    One of the most popular baseball t-shirts is the "Eat Sleep Baseball Repeat" Shirt. It's a simple design that communicates the wearer's love for the game in a fun, humorous way. Available in a variety of colors and materials, you can choose the perfect combination that fits your style and comfort needs. 

    Whether you're a baseball player or a passionate fan, this shirt adds a touch of light-hearted spirit to your everyday wear. Make your love for baseball a part of your daily routine with this quirky t-shirt.

    8. Who's on First Funny Baseball Positions T-Shirt

    If you are a fan of classic comedy, then you will instantly recognize the inspiration behind this funny baseball shirt.

    Featuring the famous "Who's on first?" routine from the Abbott and Costello show, these funny t-shirts play on the confusion and hilarity of Confusing Baseball Positions with names.

    The graphic on this tee shirt is an illustrated baseball diamond, with each position replaced by a punny name.

    9. I Teach Kids to Hit and Steal Baseball T-Shirt

    Baseball coaches are responsible for shaping young athletes' minds and bodies. That's why this funny baseball shirt is the perfect way to showcase the love and dedication that goes into coaching.

    With the slogan "I Teach Kids to Hit and Steal," these funny t-shirts show your passion for the sport and your willingness to instill essential values in the next generation of baseball players.

    But let's remember the humor factor here. "Hit and Steal" might sound like a crime at first glance, but it is a perfectly legal and necessary strategy in baseball.

    10. Touchdown Shirt

    Touchdown Shirt

    The Touchdown Shirt is an excellent conversation starter for any baseball fan with a sense of humor. In a vibrant red hue and available in sizes ranging from S to XL, the shirt boasts a whimsical player man design. 

    Crafted with a luxurious, comfortable, and high-quality fabric, this shirt guarantees both laughs and comfort.

    11. Balls Deep Shirt

    Balls Deep Shirt

    Another amusing option for baseball enthusiasts is the Balls Deep Shirt. Featuring a cheeky, bold design, this tee definitely stands out in a crowd.

    Available in both black and royal blue, it adds a splash of color to any casual outfit. Sizes range from S to XXL, ensuring a comfortable fit for everyone.

    12. Chicks Dig the Pitcher Baseball Shirt

    Baseball is a sport that has captivated fans for generations. With its unique blend of athleticism, strategy, and passion, it is no wonder why it remains a favorite pastime for many.

    If you are a fan of the sport and looking for a way to show off your love for the game in a lighthearted way, then the "Chicks Dig the Pitcher" funny baseball shirt might be just what you need.

    This hilarious baseball tee features a catchy slogan that will turn heads.

    13. Only BS I Need In My Life Is a Baseball Season Shirt

    If you are a diehard baseball fan, you know baseball season is everything. From the smell of freshly cut grass to the sound of the crack of the bat, there's nothing quite like it.

    Featuring the words "The Only BS I Need In My Life Is Baseball Season," these items are perfect for those who live and breathe the sport.

    These funny t-shirts will make a statement whether at the ballpark, watching from home, or just out and about.

    14. Funny 6+4+3=2 Double Play Baseball Shirt

    For the math and baseball lovers out there, this shirt is a hilarious mashup of the two.

    The Double Play in Baseball is an exciting and impressive move, but this funny baseball shirt takes it to a new level with the equation 6+4+3=2.

    These funny t-shirts are perfect for wearing to a baseball game or just out and about, showing off your sense of humor and love for the game.

    15. Funny Baseball Junkie Shirt

    Do you love baseball more than anything else? Do you feel like you can't get enough of it?

    Then the Funny Baseball Junkie Shirt is perfect for you! This hilarious shirt shows your love for the game with its bold, fun graphic.

    These funny t-shirts are a playful way to show off your passion for the sport and sense of humor.

    16. Your Girlfriend Likes My Swing Shirt

    Your Girlfriend Likes My Swing Shirt

    Turn up the humor with the Your Girlfriend Likes My Swing Shirt. This audacious tee features a player man design and the hilarious caption that will undoubtedly evoke laughter. 

    It's available in multiple shades and sizes to suit every preference. Crafted from 100% soft cotton, this shirt ensures comfort while you enjoy the game.

    17. How To Bunt, Hit a Dinger Baseball Shirt

    The "How To Bunt, Hit a Dinger" t-shirt will surely be a hit for baseball fans who love a good pun. This shirt features "How To Bunt" written above it and "Don't" and "Hit a Dinger" below it.

    While this funny baseball t-shirt may not give you tips on executing a perfect bunt or hitting a dinger, it's a fun way to show your love for the game and your sense of humor.

    These funny T-shirts are perfect for wearing to a game or lounging at home.

    18. Pitches Be Crazy Shirt

    Pitches Be Crazy Shirt

    The "Pitches Be Crazy" Shirt is among the humorous baseball t-shirts that will tickle your funny bone. 

    This shirt, made of comfortable cotton, comes in different sizes to suit everyone's needs. It features a unique graphic design that baseball enthusiasts will instantly relate to.

    19. Baseball Mom Shirt

    Baseball Mom Shirt

    The Baseball Mom Shirt is a favorite among baseball t-shirts, specifically designed for proud baseball moms. Its unique "Moms Against White Baseball Pants" text is a humorous touch. Choose your color and design to make it personal. 

    Crafted with 4.2 oz., 100% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, this shirt ensures comfort while cheering on your favorite player from the stands.

    Related: Hit a home run in style, check out our Baseball Mom Shirts, perfect for cheering on the team with a touch of mom pride.

    20. I'm Just Here for The Snacks Baseball Shirt

    We all know that snacks are a vital part of any baseball game.

    Whether you are snacking on peanuts, Cracker Jacks, or a hot dog, the right snack can make or break your day at the ballpark. The "I'm Just Here For The Snacks" funny baseball shirt is the perfect addition to any fan's wardrobe.

    These funny t-shirts are made from soft, high-quality material and feature a funny slogan to make everyone around you chuckle.

    21. Steal I Dare You Funny Catcher Shirt

    If you are a baseball fan, you know how vital the catcher's role is.

    They are responsible for catching the pitcher's throw, blocking pitches in the dirt, and even throwing out base runners trying to steal a base. But these particular catcher t-shirts help with putting a funny twist on things.

    The "Steal I Dare You" catcher shirt is a funny and playful way to show off your humor on the baseball field.

    22. Things I Do In My Spare Time Baseball Shirt

    Do you love baseball so much that it consumes most of your spare time? Then you need to get your hands on this funny baseball shirt.

    The "Things I Do In My Spare Time" funny baseball shirt is a great way to show off your passion for the game and your sense of humor.

    These funny t-shirts are perfect for any baseball fanatic who enjoys watching games, practicing swings, and analyzing statistics.

    23. It's in my DNA Fingerprint Shirt

    For the baseball lover who believes that the love for the game is part of their genetic makeup, this shirt is perfect.

    These funny t-shirts feature a large fingerprint graphic with a baseball in the center and the text "It's in my DNA" written underneath.

    This funny baseball shirt makes a bold statement about the game's importance in a true fan's life.

    24. Are You Staring At My Balls Shirt

    Are You Staring At My Balls Shirt

    The Are You Staring At My Balls Shirt is a definite crowd pleaser. It features the text with two baseballs incorporated into the design for added humor. 

    This 100% cotton tee is available in various colors and sizes, ensuring its suitability for everyone.

    25. Custom Design Shirt

    Custom Design Shirt

    For those seeking a more personalized touch, consider a Custom Design Shirt. This allows you to incorporate your own baseball joke or favorite player into the design. 

    Available in various colors and sizes from S to XXL, this shirt offers a unique way to express your humor and passion for the game simultaneously.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: What is a baseball shirt called?

    A1: A baseball shirt is commonly referred to as a "baseball jersey" or simply a "baseball tee." It typically features a button-up front, short or long sleeves, and often includes the team's logo or player's number.

    Q2: Are baseball tees in style?

    A2: Yes, baseball tees have maintained their style and popularity. The classic, casual look of a baseball tee with its distinctive raglan sleeves continues to be a trendy and versatile choice in contemporary fashion, appreciated for its comfort and sporty aesthetic.

    Q3: Why are baseball sleeves short?

    A3: Baseball sleeves are traditionally short to provide players with better mobility and prevent the fabric from interfering with their throwing motion. Short sleeves allow for a full range of motion, making it easier for players to pitch, throw, and swing without restriction.

    Q4: What are shirts with different colored sleeves called?

    A4: Shirts with different colored sleeves are commonly known as "raglan sleeves" or "baseball sleeves." This design features sleeves that extend in one piece to the collar, typically in a contrasting color to the rest of the shirt. Raglan sleeves are a distinctive style often associated with baseball shirts, adding a sporty and eye-catching element to the garment.


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