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  • Our Favorite Baseball Flow this MLB Season

    by Chris Bajda February 19, 2023

    Baseball season is here, and one thing that's caught our eye is the sick flow haircuts that some of these ballers are rockin'. This style has been gaining traction in the league for a minute, but this season it's on a whole new level.

    These ballers are bringing the heat both on and off the field, and their fresh haircuts are just one part of their overall baseball drip.

    So without further ado, we're bringing you our list of the top 18 baseball flow haircuts in the game. And for those players who take their flow game to the next level, we're also checking out the best headbands to rock with these sick haircuts – 'cuz let's be real, no flow is complete without the perfect accessory.

    Get ready to be inspired and maybe even hit up your barber for a fresh new 'do.

    1. Jonathan India, Cincinnati Reds

    Jonathan India's flow is a perfect example of how a simple haircut can significantly impact. The flowing hair shows off his natural curls and highlights his handsome face without distraction.

    His flow hairstyle compliments his skin tone and makes him stand out on the field even more than he already does.

    2. Dustin May, Los Angeles Dodgers

    Dustin May is a pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers who has been sporting a flow haircut all season.

    The flow haircut is short on the sides and long on top, providing volume to create that high-top look.

    This hair long is a popular style among baseball players like Madison Bumgarner.

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    3. Brandon Crawford, San Francisco Giants

    San Francisco Giants Brandon Crawford has a cool flow hairstyle that he can easily maintain. Using pomade and gel, he can keep his hair looking fresh and clean.

    Brandon’s hair looks great in any situation, whether during batting practice or on the field during game time.

    His signature look also leaves him plenty of time to spend with his wife and children in-between games.

    4. Matt Strahm, Boston Red Sox

    Matt Strahm is a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, and he has an excellent haircut. His hair is parted in the middle, styled in a high-top pompadour.

    He wears it with a slick side part, so his hair can be slicked back. Matt Strahm's hairstyle is suitable for any man who wants to look professional but still has some flair.

    5. Mike Clevinger, San Diego Padres

    Mike Clevinger is a pitcher for the San Diego Padres, and he has one of my favorite flow hairstyles in Major League Baseball. He usually rocks an undercut that he styles with gel or water to make it look fresh.

    The back and sides are all the same length, while the top is left long enough to put up a high ponytail (or man-bun).

    6. Johnny Cueto, Chicago White Sox

    Johnny Cueto's flow hairstyle is one of my favorites because it is so different than what you typically see in baseball.

    In addition, Johnny Cueto's flow hair stands out because his locks are spiked with a little bit of gel to keep them in place.

    His medium-length hair looks good, and I cannot wait to see him on the mound this season!

    7. Lance McCullers Jr., Houston Astros

    Lance McCullers Jr., who is a pitcher for the Houston Astros, has been rocking a haircut that is all sorts of cool.

    This flow hairstyle is characterized by a high and tight haircut with hair on top and in the back, which makes it look like he has an afro.

    The sides are shaved down, so it seems like he is wearing a baseball cap.

    8. Justin Turner, Los Angeles Dodgers

    Justin Turner's flow hairstyle is an excellent example of this, as he has great flow throughout all his parts. The best part about his flow is that it's so natural, and it does not seem like too much work went into it.

    It looks like Turner woke up, put a little water in his hair, then ran a comb through it.

    9. Josh Hader, Baltimore Orioles

    Josh Hader is a 28-year-old relief pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles. His flow hair is one of his many trademarks, and he may be most well-known for his hair as opposed to anything else.

    Josh has been in professional baseball since 2011 and made his first appearance in an MLB game in 2017. He has been with Baltimore since they drafted him in 2012.

    10. Ben Gamel, Pittsburgh Pirates

    Ben Gamel, an outfielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates, is one of many players in this season's Major League Baseball who are rocking one seriously fresh flow.

    This medium hair-trimmed flow style has been around for years and is now back with a vengeance.

    The hair can part on or off to the side and then style-forward.

    11. Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Toronto Blue Jays

    Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has been making waves with his flow hair this season with the Toronto Blue Jays.

    His flow hairstyles have not gone unnoticed by scouts, who have praised him for his natural ability to swing the bat at a young age and drive in runs on offense and defense.

    12. Kirby Snead, Toronto Blue Jays

    Kirby Snead of the Toronto Blue Jays is one of many athletes rocking a flowing hairstyle this season. Kirby has been sporting his flow hairstyle for more than a year now.

    The ballplayer also sports a beard with wavy hair, so it can be difficult to tell if he has dyed his locks or not.

    13. Shaun Anderson, Toronto Blue Jays

    Shaun Anderson's flow hair is a perfect example of how a baseball flow haircut can make you stand out.

    With his high-top fade, shaved sides, and low pompadour, this hairstyle has quickly become one of my favorites.

    One thing that stands out about Shaun Anderson's haircut is that he did not opt for a comb-over.

    14. Chris Paddack, Minnesota Twins

    This hairstyle is all about the flow. The hair is left long and loose, usually with a natural or a part. The best thing about this hairstyle is that you can use it for many occasions.

    It is perfect for those days when you want to look sharp and put together but do not have time to blow dry your hair.

    15. Noah Syndergaard, Philadelphia Phillies

    Noah Syndergaard is one of the most famous baseball players in today's game. He's a pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies and has been in the league since 2015.

    His hair is always styled with a perfect fade that ends right at his eyebrows, which may be why it has become so iconic.

    16. Ryne Stanek, Houston Astros

    Ryne Stanek is a starting pitcher for the Houston Astros. His long hair bro flow haircut has a classic natural texture that reaches past his ears and has volume.

    The straight hair on top is slicked back with water or gel, and he sometimes wears it in a comb-over style.

    The Stanek's flow hairstyle is so iconic that it inspired others to try a similar style.

    17. Cole Tucker, Pittsburgh Pirates

    Regarding hair, Pittsburgh Pirates' second baseman Cole Tucker is one of the more creative players.

    Tucker's style has changed a lot over his time in the league, but he seems to have found a look he likes this season.

    His flow haircut has been all over social media this year, and you cannot blame people for going crazy for it.

    18. Jorge Alfaro, San Diego Padres

    Jorge Alfaro might be a rookie, but he's not afraid to show off his hair. The San Diego Padres catcher is sporting this incredible new haircut with a lot of flow that looks amazing on him.

    He is just one of many Major League Baseball players with such an excellent medium or long length haircut.

    baseball drip

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