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  • 17 Personalized Baseball Gifts Knocking It Out of the Park with Customized Swag

    by Tobey Bajda April 30, 2024

    Attention all baseball fans! Are you looking for the perfect gift for your favorite player, coach, or family member? Look no further than our list of 17 personalized baseball gifts that are sure to be a home run for any occasion. Our shop offers a wide range of products that can be customized to show off your love for the sport. From personalized baseballs to home decor, our new products are perfect for players, coaches, and fans alike. These gifts are not just any ordinary items, they are personalized to add a special touch that will be cherished by your loved ones. 

    So whether it's for a birthday, graduation, or just to show your appreciation, our list of must-have personalized baseball gifts has something for everyone. Don't wait, shop now and make the baseball fan in your life feel extra special with these unique and thoughtful gifts.

    1. Baseball Water Bottle

    Baseball Water Bottle

    Elevate hydration for the avid baseball player or coach with our personalized Baseball Water Bottle. Crafted from durable metal with a generous 32-fluid ounce capacity, this double-wall insulated bottle keeps drinks cold for hours. 

    Perfect for any baseball team or family member, you can customize it by choosing a style that reflects their love for the sport, adding their name and number for a unique touch. Ideal for little leaguers, players, and coaches, this water bottle is a standout among personalized baseball gifts. 

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    2. Jersey Cutting Board

    Jersey Cutting Board

    Crafted from premium Hardwood Western Maple, each Jersey Cutting Board is a masterpiece of rounded edge grain construction, perfect for the baseball fan who loves to entertain. This handcrafted cutting board can be personalized with a name and number, making it a unique addition to any family's kitchen or office. Given its handcrafted nature, expect slight variations in wood color and design, adding to its unique charm. 

    This cutting board not only serves as a functional piece for preparing game-day snacks but also as a conversation starter, celebrating the sport and its players, coaches, and little leaguers. 

    3. Brew Mug

    Brew Mug

    For the baseball fan who starts their day with a strong brew, our personalized baseball Brew Mug is a must-have. This ceramic mug features a durable design to keep your drinks protected, making it ideal for home or office use. 

    Customize it with the name of your favorite little leaguer, player, or coach to make it a standout addition to any baseball team's collection of memorabilia. Offering both practicality and a personal touch, this brew mug is a unique gift that celebrates the sport.

    4. Team Tribute Photo Plaque

    Team Tribute Photo Plaque

    Celebrate your baseball team's unforgettable season or honor a beloved coach with our personalized Team Tribute Photo Plaque. This elegant plaque serves as a timeless keepsake, featuring the option to customize with a baseball team photo, the name of the baseball team or coach, and a heartfelt message. 

    Ideal for families, players, and coaches, this product embodies the spirit of baseball, making it a standout among personalized baseball gifts. Perfect for little leaguers and seasoned players alike, it captures the essence of the sport and the unity of the team. 

    5. Baseball Bobbleheads

    Baseball Bobbleheads

    Craft a playful and personalized tribute to your favorite player or coach with our Baseball Bobbleheads. Made from durable polymer clay, these charming figures add a touch of fun to any collection of baseball gifts. Start by choosing a style from our variety of options, then personalize it further by adding a photo. 

    Whether for family members, players, or fans, these bobbleheads become a unique gift, showcasing their love for the sport.

    6. Personalized Baseball

    Personalized Baseball

    Craft the ultimate tribute to the sport with our Personalized Baseballs, a quintessential gift for baseball fans of all ages. These leather-bound treasures are perfect for commemorating special occasions, from a little leaguer's first home run to a seasoned player's retirement. Customers can have these baseballs etched with names, dates, or a personalized message, making them a unique addition to any enthusiast's collection. 

    Ideal for players, coaches, and family members alike, these baseballs serve as a lasting reminder of their passion for the game.

    7. Baseball Bat Decanter

    Baseball Bat Decanter

    The Baseball Bat Decanter sets the bar high for unique personalized baseball gifts, blending elegance with the spirit of the game. Its sleek design, featuring a mahogany wood base, holds 750ml of your favorite spirit. 

    Accompanied by rocks glasses resting on a baseball-shaped base, this set can be personalized with a name and initial, making it a standout gift for coaches, family members, or any baseball fan. Ideal for displaying in a home bar or office, it celebrates the sport in a sophisticated way. 

    8. Baseball Necklace

    Baseball Necklace

    Elevate the style of any baseball fan with our customizable Baseball Necklace, available in luxurious gold, sleek silver, or romantic rose gold. This piece allows enthusiasts to carry their love for the sport around their neck, making it a standout among baseball gifts in our shop. 

    Choose the perfect color and size for a personalized touch, making it an ideal gift for players, coaches, and fans alike.

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    9. Image Wall Art

    Image Wall Art

    Capture the essence of baseball with our custom Image Wall Art, a standout addition to any collection of baseball gifts. Printed on high-quality cotton canvas with vibrant ink and stretched over a sturdy pinewood frame, this personalized piece allows baseball fans to bring the spirit of the sport into their home. 

    Choose the perfect size and add a cherished photo to create a unique gift that celebrates their passion for baseball.

    10. Baseball Fanatic Tumbler

    Baseball Fanatic Tumbler

    The Baseball Fanatic Tumbler is a must-have for any baseball fan looking to enjoy their favorite beverage in style. 

    Available in 20 or 22 oz sizes, this stainless steel, double-walled tumbler ensures your drinks stay at the perfect temperature thanks to its vacuum insulation. Laser engraved to perfection, you can personalize it with a name, team logo, or a special message, making it one of the most sought-after personalized baseball gifts in our shop. It comes complete with a straw and lid, offering convenience for any little leaguer, family member, or coach on the go. 

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    11. Baseball Beach Towel

    Baseball Beach Towel

    For baseball fans who can't get enough of the sport, even at the beach, our Baseball Beach Towel is the ultimate gift. This plush towel, available in our shop, features a vibrant design incorporating baseballs and personalized with the fan's name or favorite team. 

    It's a new addition to our lineup of personalized baseball gifts, designed to make a splash. Ideal for any outing, from the beach to the pool, it brings a piece of the game to every adventure. 

    12. Home Plate Keychain

    Home Plate Keychain

    Keep the spirit of the game close at hand with our Home Plate Keychain, a standout piece in our collection of personalized baseball gifts. This keychain, crafted from sturdy MDF wood board and featuring a sleek stainless steel zipper clasp, brings both durability and style to your everyday essentials. 

    Available for personalization, you can choose the color and add a name or special message, making it a truly unique item for baseball fans. 

    13. Baseball Blanket

    Baseball Blanket

    Wrap up your favorite baseball fan in comfort and style with our cozy Baseball Blanket. Crafted from soft Minky polyester, this blanket is the perfect blend of warmth and durability, ideal for game days or relaxing at home. Available in multiple sizes, you can choose the perfect fit for snuggling up. 

    Personalize it with the baseball team's name, a player's name, or a special message, making it an exceptional gift among baseball gifts.

    14. Grand Slam Cooler

    Grand Slam Cooler

    The Grand Slam Cooler is a game-changer for baseball fans who enjoy the sport outdoors or at the field. This soft cooler bag, featuring sleek faux leather accents and a handy attached bottle opener, elevates your game-day experience. With its top handle for easy carrying and a zipper closure to keep your items secure, this cooler is as functional as it is stylish. 

    The open top pocket on the front is perfect for storing keys and a phone, ensuring your essentials are within reach. Personalize it with an initial and number, making it a unique gift for any family member or little leaguer. 

    15. Home Run Hitter

    Home Run Hitter

    The Home Run Hitter personalized baseball bat is a favorite among baseball gifts in our shop, offering a unique way to celebrate the sport's enthusiasts. Each bat, crafted from premium wood, showcases natural grain and color tone variations, ensuring no two are exactly alike. The durable engraving etches names, dates, or special messages into the wood, creating a gift that lasts forever. 

    Available in various colors and sizes, it's the perfect personalized item for family members, coaches, or players, symbolizing their love for baseball.

    16. Diamond Dugout Pint Glass

    Diamond Dugout Pint Glass

    The Diamond Dugout Pint Glass is the pinnacle of craftsmanship for baseball fans, merging utility with unparalleled style. Each 16oz pint glass features a unique twist, embedded with a solid metal baseball, cast by a U.S.-based expert jeweler, symbolizing the sport's refined elegance. 

    Ideal for personalization, you can choose a design and add a name, making it a standout gift amongst our new products. This glass elevates any collection of baseball gifts, offering a sophisticated way to enjoy a favorite beverage.

    17. Baseball Player Sign

    Baseball Player Sign

    Our Baseball Player Sign is a standout piece in our collection of baseball gifts, designed to capture the heart of the sport. Made from durable steel, this sign can be personalized to include a name, making it a special addition to the home or office of baseball fans. Choose from a range of colors and sizes to match the decor of any space. 

    This personalized gift is a fantastic way to show your family members or favorite players how much you appreciate their passion for baseball. 


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